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What is a hoe? The term “hoe” is used so loosely these days. Hoe this… hoe that… I’m guilty of it as well… I’ve even called a girl a hoe simply because she ate a bag of Hot Cheetos in my presence…. Any type of fuckery these days can be considered hoe-tivity. Hoes really catch a bad rep over nothing. Hoes don’t hurt anybody, cheaters and stone cold stunners do . We must go against conventional thinking and become the change we want to see in the world. Ghandi said that…. To demonize a woman just for her sexual promiscuity just is not fair. What if a hoe has 2000 hours of community service? What if you pass out and the ONLY person who knew CPR was a hoe? What if it was raining and a hoe offered you a ride home? Just because a woman has a body count far into the double digits does not make her a hoe. Are hoes bad? The answer to that is no! Hoes are wonderful! Where would our society be today if it wasn’t for hoes? From the Tip drill video to the Kim Kardashian’s to the Monica Lewinsky’s across the land… Hoes are amazing. Even J.Cole admitted that a slutty bitch was his first smash…. What most women don’t understand is that hoes play a crucial role in the relationship process. There is no place for a hoe in a relationship, however, prior to a relationship she is perfect for putting you and your man together. How so you may ask? Oh don’t worry baby birds… I will feed you. Just go ahead and grab those pens and notepads and prepare to take notes as I provide an insightful analysis of heaux-manship. Ladies, when you say “Hoes make men think that all of us are hoes.” You really don’t understand how wrong you are. Each woman is a new mystery to a man. When a man first meet a woman he files her in his brain as two things right off the back. Fuckable or Not Fuckable. then from there he places you into another category which is Hoe or Not Hoe… then from there he determines his approach to how and if he wants to eventually sleep with you. *sidenote* (Even if a man wants to gal you up, eventually some fucking will go down so get out that childish ass high school mindset.) Hoes do not make men think all women are hoes, your actions, half naked Instagram post and daddy issues make us think you are a hoe. Don’t twerk on stage and expect us not to file you in that hoe category. If it weren’t for hoes you would stand in the crowd and be just another toss in the crowd or boring ass girl. Hoes are cool for a little while, they might even have cool convesational skills. However all hoes are plauged with hoe-tendencies they cannot hide. Eventually those habits come to light, no matter how hard hoes try to supress them, and a man will pick up on it. Once he finds a woman without hoe tendencies, he might make it facebook official. Who knows!? But this comparison is needed for men. 

Men also need to feel validated. Hoes are a great way to accomplish that. If a man has one or two “good loyal down to smash whenever” hoes, he feels as though he can get other women. He is confident, and girls love confidence. Hoes give a man a safety net. Having hoes means that if this new girl doesn’t work out, I still have a cushion to protect me from becoming fully hoe-less. When a man is hoe-less he feels as though he has no options. When a man has no options and tries to talk to a new girl, he becomes hell-bent on making sure that option works out in his favor. He has all of his eggs in one basket…. all his money on one horse… Whatever analogy you want to use is fine. But a dude basically becomes desperate.


Just look at Chris Brown’s instagram post… you can tell he’s losing his faith in hoes. Now that he’s single, all he has is a bottle of lotion, a dream and an absent father who wasn’t there to teach him a lesson in self respect.

Ladies when you think a dude is being thirsty, you’re wrong. He is just desperate. Desperate dudes have nothing to lose so they do the absolute most. There is nothing more annoying to a woman than a desperate dude. Most guys know this, so to stop those traits from ever showing, we get our hoes. Hoes are like cash in a mattress. You don’t tell anybody about them, but they come in handy…. With all of that being said, ladies, do not hate hoes. Embrace them for playing their role. Much like high school drop outs, somebody has to work at Wendy’s…. and somebody has to respond to my text at 2:13am. I tip my hat to the hoes out there, thank you for your superb work. Ladies, if you think a hoe ruined your relationship, maybe you need to do some soul searching and self reflecting and ask yourself…. “Did I suck my boyfriends dick enough?” or “Maybe never cooking for him wasn’t such a good idea?”… Hoes cannot ruin relationships. As a girlfriend, you must be willing and ready to be better than any hoe that could ever come into the picture. Can’t cook? Watch Rachel Ray…. Can’t fuck? Watch a porno… Complain to much? Get a pen pal. But blaming a hoe for your failed relationship or your lack of ability to keep a man interested is lazy and immature.

In conclusion… remember, Hoes are the reason most niggas buy nice cars, wear nice clothes, & etc. It helps the economy. Without hoes the Stock Market would crash.

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When it comes to dealing with your girl’s past, you’re on the other side of the glass of her memories museum. Any chick that doesn’t tell you about her past is trying to forget their past and obviously has not learned from it. Ladies, you have to know and share your past to know your destiny! History repeats itself and so does a hoe’s History. The best way to predict your girl’s future is by judging her past… BUT (sometimes) people change. Her past and her future are inescapably tied to this very moment with you. Don’t deny one in an attempt to change her either. Helping each other grow past both of yalls insecurities, that’s what connectedness looks and feels like. Every woman has a past, good or bad but the question is, will niggas let their girl’s past experiences prevent them from embracing a beautiful possibility with her?

Niggas arrogantly in their own imperfectedness, keep holding out for the perfect woman, as we allow potential to walk right by us. If you have feelings for her, just deal with her past if she tells you. You’re only intimidated by your girl’s past because your ego fears another man fucked her better than you ever could. And sometimes that’s no your fault for having those thoughts of her past sexcapades in your subconscious because some chicks past be so scornful and hoeish to the point they run away every nigga that’s interested in them. Ladies, stop being a hoe so somebody can fall in love with you because there are some men who can’t deal with your past to the point they’ll throw it in your face when an argument is ensuing… and my niggas, stop throwing your girl’s sexual past in her face. How can you possibly drive forward if your face stays in the rearview mirror? Only low self-esteem niggas inquire about their woman’s past sexual partners and compares himself to them. If you can’t deal with it, leave her alone. Depending on the girl sometimes you just have to compromise. If the chick I’m interested in has a sketchy past, I chalk it up to me not being in her life. Like Jesus, I saved her.

Ladies, never lie to your man about your past or let him find out himself, it’ll make matters worse and he’ll never trust you. You can try to hide your past ladies but the current lack of elasticity in your pussy will snitch on you every time. Therefore, stop lying and stop keeping those emotions bottled in. An unexpressed emotion is a lie nonetheless. There is no crime in being honest with someone you’re really interested in. It becomes criminal when you lie, just to avoid hurting them. Niggas have to stop getting upset when their girl shows them her Hoe Fax. If she is honest, regardless of whether or not you agree with it, you must respect it or leave. Most of us, though, would prefer the lie. If liking someone was the criterion for whether their truth had value all of us would be living a fucking lie. Some of bitches would rather lie to themselves about who they are rather than come to terms with who they really are…and what they really need. If you use to be a hoe, let niggas know before they catch feelings.

My niggas, you have to trust your girl if she tells you about her past. Your girl got some practice in with other guys before she met you. Don’t inquire about her past just be glad you got her now… And if you don’t want to know her past, don’t ask her things you fear in finding out. Just hope she tells you on her own. When you find that girl that you can truly be vulnerable with, and put her past in the backseat, and trust with your heart, all kinds of new possibilities appear. BUT, don’t get hit with the okey doke my niggas. If you can’t trust what a she says when her pussy is wet, how can you trust what she says when she’s drunk or high? Let that question sink for a moment.

Can’t hold the past against someone in the present. Niggas just have to understand that most women have done a lot of crazy shit during the process of finding themselves. If we expect other people to have the same morals/values as us, we’re setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointment.

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Are you attracting the wrong type of men? Well, you’re only going to attract what you want to attract. So your counterpart is only as good/bad as you want/allow them to be. You attract what you subconsciously think you deserve. Therefore, if the vast majority of men you attract ain’t shit, deep down you don’t think too highly of yourself and you have low self-esteem. Until chicks accept the responsibility of growing, all they’re ever going to attract are niggas that they think, foolishly, that they’re better than and settle.

Before you complain about the quality of men you encounter, take inventory of the kind of woman you are. Act low rent = Attract low rent ass niggas. This isn’t rocket science and I’m sure yall know this. A REAL woman should be able to attract men but dope enough to keep them in line and know they stand no chance with her. Just cause loser niggas show you adequate attention, doesn’t mean you have to entertain them because when you meet higher quality men, they’re not going to be easy to win over because they’ve seen it all. You are what you attract. If all you come across is no good men, what kind of environments do you frequent? You attract losers because you’re a loser also with the same loser interests and loser activities.

There are certain things you can do to attract all types of men, ladies. But there are certain things you have to do to attract the RIGHT type of men. If all you attract is hood niggas, stop going to ratchet events. If all you attract is players and man whores, stop partying so damn much. If all you attract is niggas that ONLY want sex, stop hanging out with hoes. Hoes attract boys. Woman attract men. You have to be a Queen in order to attract a King. Overly independent bitches attract broke niggas. You don’t demand anything and he don’t got shit. Match made in heaven. You will not attract anyone of any substance or caliber if you have nothing going for yourself. For instance, why go to the club just to complain about the quality of men in the club? You’re better off staying your ass home with 50 Shades Of Grey and a vibrator. You have to attract niggas in what and how you want them to maintain you. If you meet them fancy, they’ll keep you fancy. Meet them dressed like a hoe, they’ll treat you like a hoe. Law of attraction.

In conclusion, ladies, you can tell the quality of a tree by the fruit it harvests. Some niggas talk a good game, but have no fruit to show. Meaning, when your intuition tells you that you may be attracting a loser nigga, decipher his character. Ask him questions and stop accepting shit “as is,” that’s the formula for complacency. Never become complacent with yourself, your success, and love life because there are billions of people on Earth and cupid aint got that many damn arrows. If you lucky enough to attract your soul mate, fall in love and cherish it.

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ImageThis blog entry is going to break the barriers that constrict the social boundaries of why dumb hoes settle for lames, bums, and ain’t shit niggas. Beautiful, smart, ambitious women settle for mediocre men because compared to the others he’s a step up. Too many women know how they want to feel, but settle for anything just so that they can feel something. All emotion, and no logic. Based off my skewed opinions and observations, I’ve come to a realization on why the vast majority of women in this generation will choose a nigga with no priorities over a guy that does and I’ll decode that in the following paragraphs.

Bum niggas stay winning because too many women are content with mediocrity. Dumb bitches will turn a bum into a saint by accepting the lie that she’s suddenly special and he’s going to get his shit together. Denial is a hell of a drug. Insecure ass women cant accept any guy being more successful than they are and anger is the shield that keeps them guarded from the truth. So, my niggas who have their head on straight, that chick you was seeking didn’t stop talking to or curve you because she’s not attracted to you. She’s intimidated to the point your value is blind to her, and she feels inferior. Which is why dumb hoes will choose the guy on the left side of the picture and not the guy on the right above this paragraph. The whole ideology on why chicks choose these type of guys because they’re intimidated. That’s why women in this era are so mentally weak; bitches shouldn’t be intimidated by a successful, smart, and goal oriented guy, it should challenge you and more importantly, it captivates you. For example, chicks are so ass backwards. A nigga go to Prison “Ima hold it down.” A nigga go to College “Nah I cant do that long distance relationship.” Bitch, WHAT!? And chicks are persistently attracted to these guys because they’re afraid they won’t be in control. Bitches can control a drug dealing, unemployed, bum ass nigga because she’s a necessity to him but not a man who has potential, goals, and he doesn’t need you cause its millions women on Earth just like you. Once women understand and appreciate who they are, they cannot be intimidated by the truth.

On paper, chicks want a man who has his shit together but they ALWAYS end up with the nigga who looks nothing like her “Man Candy Monday #MCM” on Instagram. Bitch, your view of reality is skewed. And ladies, just so you know, if you keep curving and Friend Zoning the guys who have their shit together, you’re creating a unhumble nation of assholes. For instance, chicks get pregnant by bum niggas and then their value starts depreciating and begin seeking men with priorities that they always Friend Zoned… Guess what? Guys with their shit together don’t want you anymore cause you have kids by multiple men who are bums. You’re not an asset, you’re a liability, and successful niggas don’t want to be held accountable for your baggage and bullshit.

Women will value a trustworthy, reliable idiot over a whimsical, indecisive genius any day of the week because they’re a bad judge of character. A lot of women choose bums and ain’t shit niggas because they don’t have the ability to gauge a man’s character nor did her father teach her how because he’s just like the men she’s attracted to. Simple bitches are appeased by material possessions and the bum niggas they’re attracted to have so much swag that it camouflages their “Ain’t Shitness” to the point chicks are too blind to see it. I will never understand the mindset of these females who shack up (nigga living with her for free) and get pregnant by these bum niggas. Stop giving away Promo Codes to bum niggas to get in your pussy because you’re lonely. Any woman who knows her value doesn’t need to undersell herself. Every woman has value. From the whores to the princesses to the Queen, none sold themselves short of what they were worth by settling for peasants because they’re not intimidated by a King.

Ladies, you have to stop passing down your fears, phobias, insecurities, and oversimplifications to men who have their shit together. It’s a turn off. Stop shunning that guy who has his shit together just because he doesn’t have swag, at least he has a future. Stop trying to impose your own insecurities on to a man’s intentions. Stop being fascinated by mediocrity. AND most importantly, stop making excuses for your love for bum niggas, and stop using love as an excuse.

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Social networks are no place for the facially challenged unless you have very large breast. Thirsty niggas can’t beat off to your personality. Your appearance can only get you so far because good looks is a depreciating asset and getting ass shots and a boob job won’t guarantee a call or text from him the next morning. Try injecting some self-esteem into your dry ass personality. When you have a dope personality and aren’t afraid to show it, it doesn’t matter where you go, you will attract a good man who’s intentions isn’t to fuck you the first night. The vast majority of pretty chicks think being pretty is enough. Looks get you in the door. Personality and knowledge keeps you inside. Niggas will not wife you in the first 30 seconds, it’s only physical at that point, your personality determines what happens afterwards. The first impression is the best one and most important.

A dope personality is the sexiest attribute a person can have because it’ll keep people around long enough to discover other attributes. For instance, you attract lame and bum niggas because you’re a judge of bad character and you have personality fluctuations. If your first impression of meeting a guy displays your hoeness & physical appearance, and not your persona, his only intentions is sex and nothing more. Being a bad bitch is a pre-requisite but only goes so far. If your personality is wack, niggas will only want to fuck you, not wife you. Niggas are going  to approach you how you present yourself. It’s like a marketing scheme… What’s the point of wearing skirts or shorts that are too small for you? You chose to dress like a hoe so embrace it; don’t expect niggas to approach you like a lady. That’s false advertising bitch.

A confident woman knows that giving a man a shot of her personality is more powerful than a shot of her pussy. Personality will take you a long way. Same way lack thereof might not let you make it. If you’re willing to flaunt your outside traits and not you’re persona, you’re in for a long a haul loneliness. Your pussy is wet but your personality is dry and that’s solely why niggas hit and leave you. I must admit, most guys want sex before we agree to a relationship and go any further and some women want niggas to wait to see if we deserve sex. Someone has to compromise. Ladies, key is to display your bomb personality first and then give him some pussy but don’t give it to him too fast nor make him wait too long. It’ll change his intentions of hitting and quitting because whatever attracted him to you is the same thing he doesn’t want you showing other niggas.

Personality can intrigue the mind more then physical appearance can. Yes most us niggas want sex but you have to bring more to the table than a wet pussy and a dry purse. So ladies please don’t sell your SOUL by exposing your outside traits. Great culinary skills, a dope personality, spontaneous fellatio will last longer than being a “bad bitch.”

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We’re in the brink of the Holidays A.K.A. “Lonely Bitch Season” where women necessitate relationships to compensate for loneliness. For instance, if all of your “Man Candy Monday” pics of your celebrity crushes on Instagram don’t look ANYTHING like the guy you’re dating out of desperation, you’re not really attracted to him like that, you just settled because the guy you really want isn’t showing you adequate attention. This is the time of year where women force relationships just to say they have somebody. Everyone wants someone, but a relationship should not define your life. And certain women will try and make the most desperate and fucked up relationship work during the holidays because she hates being lonely more than she loves her self. Bitch, you’re not in love, you’re lonely.

Being lonely convinces us to see things in people, including ourselves, that are not really there. A chick will see that one of homegirl’s is in a happy relationship and she’ll practically entertain or date the first guy that shows her attention just to fill in that void of loneliness. That superficial shit is going to leave you lonely eventually because everybody knows forced and compelled relationships end up deteriorating once it starts getting hot outside. Women have to understand that being lonely will make them see things in bum niggas and possibilities that don’t even exist. There are actually beautiful people out there who need the same things you do. Who are just as lonely and ready to be vulnerable as you. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

There are a lot of unfulfilled, potential-wasted, dumb bitches with goals and a purse full of money willing to throw it all away and settling with niggas they’re not really attracted to JUST because they don’t want to be alone during the holidays. The guy you’re falling in fake love with doesn’t have any real goals, no job, no nothing. What if you get pregnant by this bum nigga? All because you didn’t want to be lonely during the Holidays? SMH. You have to always put your heart in the right hands. Sometimes that means being more patient than you are tired of being lonely.

In conclusion, the vast majority of relationships that begin during the Fall/Winter are bound to fail because women’s emotions are seasonal, not logical. A chick will say the temperature of November and December is hot if cold weather hurts her feelings. And If you’re lonely during the Holidays this year, you’ll have plenty of time to rethink your decisions that got you there in the first place.

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In this installment, I’m going to talk about the sanctity of marriage and why it’s basically shitball in this day and age. Nowadays people only entertain the thought of marriage because they know their mate knows that’s what they want to hear. If marriage means so much, then why are you allowed to do it more than once? If marriage means so much, then why do people get drunk & marry a stranger in Las Vegas? Marriage has become the caveat of a practical joke and financial burden in this country. I thought the premise of marriage was unconditional love? Marrying any nigga for financial stability and his money is nothing but a form of prostitution. You sweetheart are the truest form of a whore.

“Till death do us part or you lose your job & I can’t hold you down.” – Marriage in America From A Hoes Point Of View

Being married won’t make you whole, but being whole will make you see the value in marriage and eventually help you become marriage-worthy (if you’re wanting to be married). Marriage in my opinion will no longer be an option in the next 15 years because a lot of us are going die single with all these unrealistic expectations and fairytale preferences and I’ve accepted that. Niggas preferences are way too high & most bitches are hoes. Nobody compromising. Another thing, if television perpetuates this image of marriage as being a joke then what makes you think the women who watch those “Basketball Wives” reality shows on VH1 aren’t going to insinuate that lifestyle. The show is called “Basketball Wives” and none of them bitches our women idolize are not married. Wonderful logic you have there. This whole ideology of marriage is a mindset and behavior it’s not what society paints it to be.

Me being a young black man without any kids has lessen the likelihood of me settling down and getting married. Too many women have kid(s) and I’m not marrying a woman who is a proud member of “Baby Mamaship.” Marrying a woman with kids is like continuing on another niggas saved game on PlayStation 4, so just image how many young guys think and have the same preferences as I do and don’t want to be complacent with mediocrity. Many of us was taught to put a ring on her finger before you put a baby inside her. Love, marriage, THEN come with the baby in the baby carriage but a small percentage took heed to that advice… Too many baby mama’s, not enough wives, too many baby daddy’s, not enough husbands. That’s why I think marriage is pretty much obsolete for me.

In conclusion, I hope something I’ve said in this blog has convinced you to see the terrible value in marriage, especially as it relates to our people. The one piece of marriage advice that I will explicitly give to you is that holding on too tight guarantees that it will slip away. In this era love does not sustain a marriage cause the vast majority of married couples can’t say “Happy Anniversary”… It’s extinct like Dinosaurs.

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So I hear it all the time, “All men are dogs!”, “Niggas aint shit!”, “If your happy at home then why would you go elsewhere?”. These are all questions and statements I’m sure all of us fellas have heard a woman ask and these are all questions and statements that all you women have asked a man before. The real question isn’t why would we look elsewhere or why niggas aint shit, but the question women really want to know is, can men be faithful? Before we go into this explanation, the first thing women have to understand is, us men are totally different creatures. We work on totally different brainwaves and we have different motives and agenda’s behind our actions than women. The one mistake women ALWAYS make is, they tend to always think about what they do is what we should do. WRONG! You show me a man who do what you do and I’ll show you a stalker ass, where you going, who is this nigga liking your Instagram pictures ass nigga. See that would mean he’s too fucking emotional so his insecurity levels is at unstable heights and motives are totally different. The average man, ( its always exceptions ) has these thought patterns that gives us certain addictions. Cars, Clothes, video games and new pussy! If you notice that’s 4 different things, so in essence we have a pie graph mentality. 25% cars because of our ego, 25% is clothes to look good when we hop out of car too further boost the ego, 25% video games to walk in the house after hopping out of the car and beat our homies in 2K and further boost our ego, and the last 25% is too go meet the new pussy in the car, with the new clothes and the money we won from the video game to impress the new pussy. For you all who too slow to keep up, men live for NEW PUSSY! We love NEW pussy! Two of the four things is just to eventually get to the new pussy!

All the New Pussy in the world cannot & will not compare to the feeling of making love to the person who would literally die for you. In relationships, the man typically is with the girl because she did some nice things outside of the pussy. Cause see New Pussy is just like buying a new NBA 2K14 video game for your XBOX. When you get the new pussy it looks hot and you cant wait to unwrap the new pussy and put it in your system. It’s the new FRESH thing. Yep, new pussy is always clean with no scratches and trimmed up. See women know when they giving up the new pussy and the new pussy has to make a good 1st impression. New pussy is like LeBron he made the big decision. Keeps the man in the dark, knowing that this pussy is thinking over exactly where it wants to be for the next fucking season and we just hope new pussy picks our franchise penis to play for. So once niggas hear “ Im taking my talents to Jerome house” from a chick. Dick is excited. Dick knows new pussy is coming with her A game. So the man has to do a shoot around…. Oh that’s beating off to you who cant follow the analogy. LOL. See men know we have to also bring our A game to once again see new pussy in a playoff series. So you play a couple games with the new pussy and the new pussy is tough! Backs you down good, put the clamps on you on the defensive end, cross over with the ball handling drills and totally take you out of your game plan. New pussy is a BEAST but being the competitive egotistical man you are, you go back to the drawing board to write up a new game plan for the new pussy and you end up forcing a game 7 with the pussy. Now game 7 is always the tough game, a lot of back and forward action. A fast paced and action packed game with a lot of tension. Clutch moments will decide the outcome of this game. BUT, game 7 also is the last game vs New Pussy. So after this game with new pussy, new pussy becomes Old Rival Pussy.

Can man be faithful? NO! From the most successful NBA player, Kobe to the shittiest low-life nigga, we will alllll cheat. It’s in a human nature to cheat in life in my opinion. You have been cheating as long as you have been living rather or not you realize it or not. You cheated on school test, you cheated on Christmas when you would rip the edge of the paper off the gift to see what color the box was, you cheated when somebody say you can have a bite of their sandwich and you take the biggest bite you can, and you even cheated on your diet. Depending on our new pussy options, if the new pussy option is better than the current rival pussy, we might go and cheat. See most rivalries hit a moment where one team is just dominating the other and it’s just not even a interesting rivalry anymore. New pussy comes with a good record every time and that man wants to put up a career night against new pussy every time. So ladies, no matter how good your pussy is, NEW PUSSY is always be a threat! You can’t compete against new pussy with rival pussy. No matter how good you put it on a nigga, you can’t compete with the forbidden kingdom known as New Pussy. You have to compete against new pussy with the one thing New pussy can’t bring to the table. Your brains!… BOTH OF THEM! See if you keep a nigga in a good mental place, the new pussy option won’t seem to be better than your pussy. To further the mental stimulation, you suck that nigga into a fucking coma. See if you allow new pussy to suck your man retarded, you end up giving new pussy a deadly weapon in this battle. The best man can run from pussy, but he will most def pull tear his ACL trying to run from a good brand new blowjob if he isn’t getting plugged at home.

In closing, pussy in itself will never stop a man from cheating. Pussy will never keep a man from lusting after new pussy and truth be told, you cant keep him from getting new pussy. What you can do however, is diminish the new pussy cravings by using your assets to your advantage.

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