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2012, the year that everybody says they’re changing. Yeah the hell right. These are the same people that opt to Tweet certain catch phrases such as “A new year, a new me” or “2012 is my year” but don’t know the diffence between an excuse and a reason, wonderful logic you have there. In 2012 a lot of things need to be eliminated, such as the word Swag, Females being Fraternity Whores, Lacefront Epidemic, and senseless killing. I’ll elaborate in the following paragraphs.


The most overused word in today’s society. With my own skewed opinions and careful research that has no credibility whatsoever, I automatically assume that the word Swag means fag, gay, homosexual. If you’re in my presence and you claim you have Swag, I will automatically assume you’re gay and I Pray that the Jesus in my Fist will keep you Booty Demons away. Someone who has Swag is only concerned with being an unwitty dumbass that is focused on materialism or things without true meaning. Someone with no purpose in life, not intelligent because they let little pieces of paper (Money) control their life because it is led to be “cool” from the moment they were born. Swag ruined my generation and it’s usually through the media. Someone who claims to have Swag does not amount to anything since they are too busy chasing common wealth and fool’s gold because they think that is what people do in life. Remember, someone who claims to have Swag does not sacrifice, does not have knowledge of self. If you utter the word Swag in 2012, I don’t want you in my presence because you’re easily manipulable.

Fraternity Whores:

Females Frat Hopping, another issue that is found across the nation on most College campuses. Females that Frat Hop are called “Fraternity Whores.” It’s usually a College girl of questionable morals or intelligence, who dehumanizes herself to the point of becoming a mere sperm receptacle for Frat boys. They have low self esteem and if you tell a Fraternity Whore with damaged self-esteem that you Love them is like a Video Game Cheat Code to get into their Panties. Saying “I Love you” to an emotionally damaged Frat Whore = up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. While they don’t see themselves belonging to the Greek system, these Hoes spend a large percentage of their time with local Fraternity boys who are either Kappa or Alpha. A Fraternity Whore usually only hangs out with one specific fraternity and over time becomes quite knowlegeable about the house and will defend the boys who live there as well as the lifestyle they may or may not live. Fraternity Whores come off VERY friendly and likes to wear “revealing” clothing, and is almost always a borderline alcoholic. Fraternity Whores may be cute but I suggestion you keep your distance. Why? Because Fraternity Whores are a walking biological hazard. A veritable incubator for an array of STD’s. These Hoes don’t know any better and they’re marked by an apparently deteriorated central nervous system, resulting in impulsive Hoeing and significantly retarded decision-making abilities such as, not keeping their legs closed. If you’re a Fraternity Whore, change your ways for 2012. There’s nothing cool about having a vagina that is a “Community Box” for Alpha’s and Kappa’s.

Lacefront Epidemic:

Lacefronts are attempted by many, but mastered by only some. We must stop the Lacefront epidemic in 2012. Lacefront’s are a Fire Hazard. If a female has one installed into her scalp I suggest you Stop, Drop, and Roll. A Lacefront is a type of head-dress worn by women who prefer to have no hair. Lacefronts are similar to a body kit for a Car, except it’s a kit for your Head (cringes). A Lacefront is the type of hair that was stripped off a Horse, only to be worn by some biatch with some long ass nails who speaks fluent Ebonics. Remember, you can lead a Horse to water but you can’t stop these bald-headed ass women from turning it’s tail into a Lacefront.

In conclusion, 2012 should be the year we stop the senseless killing. As much effort people put into killing each other for material possessions, they should be just as passionate in repairing their proirities. If you’re reading this, I love you, I believe in your goals and dreams for 2012 and if you went through tough times in 2011, remember that it was only temporary.

P.S. If you’re on your Period during New Years Eve, don’t go anywhere to Party. You can’t be Sexed. No point in you flaunting your wounded body.

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We live in a generation where both women and men are obsessed with what they decide to put on their feet, women take in to consideration the types of shoes a black man wears just as much as she does the shoes she wears. If you’re a female that cares about what another man has on his feet, you’re a dumb Hoe. Hoes don’t have good logic though. Jordan Shoes are far more than just for athleticism, but as fashion statements as well. A lot of money is spent on Jordans, and if they’re “In” and look good, money is no object. Having the same pair of Jordans in several colors to match various outfits is something to be expected as well. The outfit is never complete, without the sign-off of the Jordans that are worn. But here are the Jordan Concord Commandments.

1. Thou Shall not purchase the Concords without having “Emergency Money.”

2. Thou Shall not purchase the Concords if he/she does not have reliable transportation.

3. Thou Shall not purchase the newest Sneakers but have unstable income. The Jordan Concords can not Slam Dunk you to Responsibilty.

4. Thou Shall not wear the Concords the day of the release. Why? That only tells your peers that you’re not use to having nice & new shit. Woe to you.

5. Thou Shall not Kill for the Concords. Michael Jordan did not die on the Cross for Hoodrats to demean themselves over a pair of Sneakers.

6. Thou Shall not purchase the Concords if he/she has less than $100.00 sitting in their Bank Account after the purchase. If you’ve notice, a White person can have the dirtiest sneakers but have a Bank Account full of cash. Why? Priorities.

7. Thou Shall not purchase the Concords if you owe your baby momma loads of money for Child Support. You’re stuck with it so you might as well pay homage. Child Support is a Financial STD.

8. Thou Shall not wear the Concords while asking for rides to the Club. You spent $200.00 on the Concords so swallow your pride and don’t ask me for Shit! You put Sneakers over priorities. You lose.

9. Thou Shall not purchase Concords if you’re 25+ years old living with Momma. As much effort you put into buying those sneakers, you should be just as passionate in getting off your Momma’s couch, loser.

10. Thou Shall not claim he/she has “Swag” because they bought the Concords. Everybody will have them. By being a replica of other people, it makes your energy weak & people have “seen your kind before.”

If you break one of these commandments, you’re a misguided soul that needs prayer and I’m sure God is sending all your Prayers into his Spam Folder. You’re a waste. Your Father should of nutted you into a paper towel so you’re not able to purchase the Concords. You can not brag about having the Concords if you live in a tenament and the person without them lives in a house. You move off of ignorance, I move off of intelligence. Fix yourself.

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Growing up, our parents taught us that Santa Claus was real. Yeah the hell right. As I got older I began to notice that Santa Claus is an overweight personification of greed in today’s society. He symbolizes gluttony, slavery, lust, greed, and he’s a Sex Offender. He spies on children around the world all year. He unlawfully enslaved an entire race, the Elves. He cruelly forces unique flying reindeer to haul his fat ass around once a year, at great risk to their health. Santa Claus should have been in Prison with Michael Vick for animal abuse. Rudolph’s nose isn’t red for no reason.

Furthermore, his fat ass uses the “Enter through the chimney technique”. However, rather than steal anything of value, he steals the food left out (Milk and Cookies). Such gluttony! I’m a firm believer that the name Santa Claus is the code name for a Sex Offender that cannot be caught. He “Sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good.” See? Sex Offender. Think about it…first he watches children to see if they’re being “naughty” or “nice.” Then on Christmas Eve he breaks into their homes in the middle of the night looking for children from the ages of 2-9 to molest and then leaves a present thanking the little ones for their service.

It’s safe to say that Santa Claus is similar to Adolf Hitler. How? Because they both hate Jews. Santa Claus is a rampant consumerist. The only reason people said that Santa Claus existed was because they wanted the LIE to be accepted in modern culture to brainwash kids, which was similar to Hitler’s Nazi ideology that was used to brainwash Jews.

What in the hell does Santa Claus have to do with the birth of Jesus? NOTHING. Unscramble Santa and it spells out Satan. Santa took over Jesus Christ’s Birthday because Santa is Satan. He even wears Satan’s theme color red. Don’t let this evil fat ass deceive you.

Side Note: People only care about Christmas because of the gifts. Christmas is not celebrated correctly. We live in a society where dudes rather wrap Christmas gifts instead of wrapping their penis with condoms. I don’t understand that logic. Error 404:<Logic Not Found>.

In conlusion, if you’re Black and hang ornaments from a Christmas Tree in your home, remember your ancestors were once Christmas ornaments also.

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Twitter Celebrities, people whose credibility ends where real life begins. Twitter Celebrities like @iRespectFemales only have fame that is primarily derive from their Internet presence because they don’t have shit else to do with themselves. Twitter Celebrities have a lot of followers on Twitter but they’re nobodies. This may range from people putting Fake Verification signs next to their name, or even putting “@TheReal<insert name here>” as their Twitter name. These people have a lot more followers than following and seem to feel that people look up to them when in all actuality no one gives a damn.(Example: 138 Following 8,539 Followers). Yet you have never heard of the person. These are all indications of a Twitter Celebrity.

Twitter Celebrities are deliberately misleading because of their fraudulent lifestyles. They’re the type of people who, at the end of the day, does not finish what he/she starts. This is usually due to a general lack of ambition and motivation. However, it can also be the result of a crippling addiction, such as to Twitter. You may be a Twitter Celebrity but your audience is of limited size. Your Internet fame may be contrasted with fame that is conferred by Social Networks. This is why I always say Twitter tells a thousand tells.

Twitter Celebrities are simply not sufficiently disciplined to stick with anything that relates to REAL life. Log off Twitter and Log onto Life. They may drop out of College despite not having a job or family, or may find themselves sleeping past noon when they don’t work overnight. You’re a loser. Why? Because they spent their precious time on Twitter tweeting about relationship tips and Jokes from the Joke App from their phone that get Retweeted daily. I bet Twitter Celebrities wish they had paid attention in School, so they could Tweet with maximum efficiency instead of tweeting craftless shit that gets recycled every day. Despite what a Twitter Celebrity may say on Twitter, this is most probably due to their lack of internal motivation.

Twitter Celebrities limit themselves. They’re so content with being Internet famous that they forget about their responsibilities. In most cases, they’re the type of people to get the newest Phones, but live check to check. There’s no iPhone app to teleport you to responsibility. If your phone Bill Costs you more than your Car Insurance, you’re a dumb hoe. Even dumber if you don’t have a Car. Matter of fact, Don’t “@” me on Twitter if you don’t have a steady means of income and reliable transportation.

In conclusion, Twitter is like High School. At the end of the day, all the loud and appealing people on Twitter will end up losers. Don’t even consider yourself as a “Twitter Celebrity” unless you put other people in a better position to meet their obligations. If you’re a Twitter Celebrity like @iRespectFemales, I don’t wish that you gain knowledge. I wish that you’re Mom had that $350 because some y’all should’ve been Aborted. I’m sure of it.

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Facebook WAS originally for College students, until the floodgates were opened and a lot of spelling and grammar challenged Hoodrats flowed onto the site. People like to post droll status updates, which most of the illiterate Facebook masses are arrogant enough to think their “Friends“ will actually read and give a shit about. Facebook has turned into a place where subliminals are normal, Fake Models are the rave, Rappers are big stars, and Party Promoters spam more than them tech dudes who spam your email account daily. This is what we all signed up for I’m sure.       Error 404: <Sarcasm Found>.

Facebook is stultifying due to Hoodrats who eschewed real-life communication for this site. Facebook destroys your soul. BUT guess what? The ignorant people from Facebook got smarter and created a Twitter Account now. You know who they are. The ones who are troublesome, the ones who pose in Scantily Clad Pictures for Followers, the ones who like to publicize relationships on Twitter, and the ones who like to turn their damn “g’s” into “q’s” in their Tweets, Example: “Keisha Fiqhtinq at the Club aqain.” They’re also the ones who like to put “LMS” (Like My Status) on Facebook but now they’re on Twitter saying “RT This” or “Favorite This.” The ratchetness from Facebook teleported to Twitter and this is how “Black Twitter” was created.

Black Twitter was created because Black users of Twitter are disproportionately represented on Twitter because the ignorant masses from Facebook created a Twitter Account. And they make their presence felt daily with tacky and ratchet Tweets that turn into “Black” Trending Topics.

First they had Facebook Relationships but somehow these idiots come on to Twitter claiming their “Twubby” (Twitter Husband) and “Twifey” (Twitter Wife). For those who partake in this, I’m going to need y’all to sign papers or STFU. Since when did the word “Boyfriend” become the phrase “Twubby?” Why can’t dudes just be boyfriends anymore? I don’t see any Rings ANYWHERE. Then, you see her a week later with some sad ass song lyric that she Tweeted that you KNOW is directed at their “Twubby.” You’re pathetic. And people wonder why the sanctity of Marriage is shitball. Terms just thrown around like nothing. Twitter did not install a link to where you can claim your undying love, so until then, keep the relationship slurping on Facebook and off of Twitter.

Side Note: It just dawns me. I think a lot of y’all that make Tweets all day about the “Boo” or “Hubby” or “Bae” or “#OOMF” (Cringes) NEVER use actual names. Actually you have none of these things. Perhaps you’re delusional, with someone who doesn’t claim you. No Instagram Pictures of y’all. No nothing. You claim privacy? Privacy wouldn’t mention it.

In conclusion, the downfall of Social Networking is that Blacks have so much emphasis on being “Ratchet” rather than having “compassion” or being “intelligent”. Everybody on Facebook and Twitter wants to be a Rapper or Model. Black People are the only group of people that cut their abilities short and we box ourselves into aspirations that only a few ever attain. So, please keep Twitter anti-ratchet. The ignorant masses of Facebook, keep your meaningless and ratchet escapades on Facebook and off of Twitter.

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The mathematical ideology of the number of years one waits to have sex is directly proportionate to the “Freak Level” they will attain after copulation. However, sexing a virgin could be a bad idea. Why? Because a naive female whose vagina has yet to be broken by a male during the act of sex tend to be shy, which is a major turn off. This is why I can’t date a virgin, what the hell we’re going to do all day? Make-Out? No. Should I tuck you in at night too? The virgin species is nearly extinct, as horny male hunters have trapped and taken nearly every vagina in the vicinity. If you come across a virgin, sweet words or alcohol will anesthetize her prior to her un-tucking that vagina. BUT! This could be a bad idea and I’ll explain in the following paragraphs.

Virgin’s tend to be unsure of feelings. Virgins are very timid or self-conscious outside of the Party atmosphere. At Parties, virgins feel obligated to where they have to “Fit In” with everybody. A few shots of alcohol and BOOM! She’s wasted and feeling very promiscuous. Alcohol can make virgin feel comfortable to where they’re forward with flirting , touching, teasing, and dancing close as if they were horny. This is where dudes fall in “The Thirst Trap.” Dudes like to take advantage of females who are under the influence but this could be dangerous if they’re dealing with a virgin. Once you sex a virgin your life could be in shambles.

Side Note: Enter virgin vagina with caution. *Side Effects:  May cause Sleepiness, Possessiveness, Anxiety, & Guilt. Please consult a Doctor before penetrating.*

Once you sex a female that’s a virgin, she’ll become a Dog that literally physically holds onto you to the point you’re like “If I throw a Stick will this Hoe leave?” With virgins, once you sex them, it’s hard to next them because they begin to catch feelings, A.K.A. “Clingy.” Clingy females have a tendency to talk about potential relationships that will never happen and they most likely do it out of lust. Early symptoms of a female starting to get Clingy will show their steep curve of attraction to the point they claim to “Love You.” They quite literally fill your Direct Messages on Twitter or Text you at least 20 times a day up to 999 in severe cases though less are still subjected to extreme cases of anxiety, guilt and panic attacks. If you’re experiencing this and already have anxiety, you’ll want to pay attention to the “Anti-Clingy-Female” kit.

“Anti-Clingy-Female” kit:

  • Anti-anxiety agents like alcoholic beverages will suppress your stress from that Clingy Hoe.
  • Contact your Cellphone Carrier so you can get her number Blocked.
  • Protect your Tweets & have Facebook privacy modifications.

In conclusion, know that this is my opinion on virgins. This is all me, no bias. However, I don’t have to experience in shit to see that shit ain’t where it needs to be though. So if someone disagrees with me, Brydell, “The Guy From Twitter or Facebook”, didn’t say it. Just Brydell Thomas Stanley Rice…on his own.

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Everybody knows an “Attention Whore.” Everybody has one of these types of Females that persistently gossip about meaningless things on Twitter. An Attention Whore is a female on the Internet who will do anything for attention, often she will claim she’s Pregnant, complain that she’s ugly or no one likes her (fishing for compliments), posting scantily clad pictures of herself nude or semi-nude to gain 1,000+ Followers, or just type provocative messages to her Followers of the opposite sex in the hopes that one might not realize that she is just an Attention Whore.

Another common trick of the Attention Whore is to claim that she is bisexual or a lesbian. Example: They like to Tweet things such as #Teambisexual or #Teamlesbian hoping to thrive some type of attention. If you’re bisexual or lesbian, we don’t care for you to spread this useless information. Y’all should be restricted from buying Dildo’s, you hoes already made your choice.

Attention Whores tend to dress excessively provocatively. Example: Cleavage out in their Twitter Picture like they’re modeling for a Breast Cancer Agency. Attention Whores like to keep eye contact with her female audience A.K.A her “Competition” to a bare minimum. They make sure no one forgets she is in the vicinity and constantly reapplies Make-Up/Lip-Gloss in public. They often like to be the only female to “show up” on an all-guys night out or trip.

Attention Whores are emotionally unstable and needy, that they have to constantly be coddled and be the center of attention in any given situation. Or a person that is so insecure about their own intelligence and the above average intelligence of everyone in the room that they constantly need to talk out of their ass about stupid random things that nobody cares about, constantly giving little factoids about the same subject over and over and over and over again all damn day on Twitter. Attention Whores often speak in an overwhelmingly loud voice to overpower anyone else that cares to get a word in. All while being hilariously unaware that everyone in the room takes a deep sigh and rolls their eyes when this person starts to speak.

Retweets Of Compliments = Hey look, Everybody thinks I’m Funny and Cute. Attention Whores often Retweet EVERY compliment they receive from one of their Followers. If you witness this tactic from an Attention Whore on your Time Line, you have the right to automatically assume that they sat on their Uncles lap too long back in the day at those Family Barbeques. They work part-time because they’ve used their valuable time on Twitter posing in photos in different ways and Tweeting about their sexual escapades during “Twitter After Dark.”

Attention Whores accumulate a lot of male friends in order to be constantly showered with attention and admiration. No man is off limits to an Attention Whore, including boyfriends and spouses of her own friends. The Attention Whore will make up inane reasons to Text, Call or have a conversation with a man that she feels is not giving her the attention she feels she should have and will escalate this behavior if this attention is going to another woman, even a man’s own girlfriend or spouse. She will not ask for anything, however, she will moan and complain on Twitter about something until a man offers to help or give her what she wants. Example: She’ll Tweet things like “I need a massage” or “I need some company” or “I’m Horny.” Shut Up and drink some Sprite to quench your thirst, Whore.

In conclusion, Attention Whores just need a little love that they have lacked to receive from their childhood. Psychologically, attention is needed, but exhausting it is simply pathetic and clearly a damn shame. Now, please be aware that Attention Whores are underground too. They might just be the person next to you. Remember, Hoes want attention. Women want stability. There’s a difference.

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Dear Decepticon,

You’re the type of person who alters a deceptive appearance but appears to have a different meaning than the sender’s actual intentions. You created an account to deceive not only yourself but your Followers as well. You’re a sad case. Only a delusional person has the time & energy to be a replica of someone else. Now I’ll inform you on what types of Decepticons to watch out for on Twitter and I’ll explain in the following paragraphs.

Avoid Females with small fun-sized Twitter Pictures. This type of Decepticon can be very dangerous if you interact with them outside of Twitter. This type of Decepticon appears attractive ONLY on Twitter but is actually ugly in real life. They can be found in a number of situations or for a variety of reasons. Clever use of Make-Up. Drunkenness in the eye of the beholder. Darkness in a Night Club. Nice from afar but far from nice. If you’re a Decepticon and I recognize your symptoms, I will automatically assume that your Vagina is toaster scraps quality. Not save. If you’ve only seen a very well taken photo of them on Twitter, they most likely have an awful face, mind, and personality. Anything that might deceive you into thinking she’s hot commodity when she’s not. Don’t trust these Hoes, they’re robots in disguise.

Avoid guys with Online Personality Disorders (OPD). This type of Decepticon is usually Light-Skinned with Tats and Snapbacks showing in their Twitter Picture and spend nights trying to create hidden ideologies & meanings by giving Relationship advice when their situation is already fucked up. They’re chronic liars who habitually lie about their lifestyle, job, sex life, or friends for attention through Tweets when all in reality they don’t have own a motor vehicle & they also have unstable income.

Avoid Fat girls who only posts head shots on Twitter to trick people into thinking she’s actually attractive. This type of Decepticon is a fat girl who only shows photos of themselves, online, in which they do not appear fat, by means of flattering camera angles, head shots, or deceptive apparel (Cringes). If you ever meet a person like this, I suggest you Hop-Scotch away. Her Vagina is nothing but indented tragedy and despair.

Transsexuals or transvestites on Twitter are Decepticons but also are often called “Transformers.” One was Following me on Twitter until I Blocked his ass. This type of Decepticon is one who is so convincing as a woman that friends and Followers do not believe she was once a man. This individual has the innate ability to deceive straight men on Twitter while they’re in “Stealth Mode.” If you have one of these “Transformers” Following you, Block they ass. The deception is treacherous.

In conclusion, if you’re a Decepticon, I pray that you’ll be shot out of a cannonball into the Shark infested Waters and serve your life as Shark bait. The End.

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In this installment I will be giving you knowledge to know when you’re dealing with a Hood Chick. Hood Chicks usually start fights and drama, and wear cheap clothes, they consider Coogi & Baby Phat to be high class and expensive couture. They also have short, nappy hair, and usually wear cheap weave, usually in bad colors, such as purple or bright red. If you’re any of these things that I listed, you might be a Hood Chick.

They look and act similar to Jim Jones Mother & Keisha Cole’s Mother of those Reality TV Shows, and speak very loudly, while rolling their neck, and waving their finger in your face. Hood Chicks have a very limited vocabulary, and attempt to make up for it, by forming new words, such as “Conversate”, or simply cursing persistently, or using other types of vulgarities, and making noises, such as “hmmg!”, or smacking their lips, and making other angry noises, grunts, and faces.  

*Side Note: The majority of Hood Chicks have a peculiar smell to them. Sometimes they’re ugly and like to make pouting faces which is an offense to gesture*

Many Hood Chicks drive a raggedy car, and play vulgar rap music very loudly, with the windows rolled down, even on Sunday afternoons. A Hood Chick will convince you that she’s going to Bible Study but she’ll throw that Bible underneath the Car seat like an illegal Gun and drive to the Night Club. They also often have lots of kids, by lots of different men, one or more of which is serving time. Usually a Hood Chick will also be on food stamps or welfare, and/or section eight, even when she has a man secretly living with her. Hood Chicks also think it looks classy to get super long acrylic nails, with jewels and designs on them, sometimes even wearing their toenails the same way. Filth. They often have their feet decorated, but forget to scrub off the dead, dry skin, thus making their feet look crusty (Cringes).

Women should speak like women. If you talk like a Hood Nigga, you might be a Hood Chick. Fellas, If you’re thinking about hooking up with a Hood Chick, I suggest you let that Hoe alone. Why? Because 54% of the time Hood Chicks have STD’s that are festering in their Vagina Hallway. Imagine putting your best move on a Hood Chick while Sexing and she yells “That feels good my nigga!” or “Hell yeah boy!, Get That Shit Boy!” I can’t imagine anything less glorious than that, I mean come on. If she talks like a Hood Nigga in the Bedroom, chances are she doesn’t trim her Vagina and it smells just like McRib residue.

Hood Chicks are usually single mothers who have the sole responsibility of caring and providing for her own kid(s). Hood Chicks are often demonized as being promiscuous “Welfare Queens” that inhabit inner-city public housing projects. However, most Hood Chicks are Hoes who collect welfare checks and food stamps. Many of them are merely victims of unlucky circumstances. A single bad decision like sleeping with a crazy penniless bum or a heartless womanizer can change a woman’s life forever. A lot of Hood Chicks have children by dead-beat fathers who were unable to help provide for their children. As a result, many single mothers are forced to work 40+ hours a week to provide for their children. Many children who grow up without fathers are more likely to look in the wrong places for father figures. Fatherless boys often turn to the streets, usually in the form of gang affiliation, to compensate for that lack of fatherly love and guidance. This tactic creates a Hoodbooger. All Hood Chicks who have son’s end up becoming Hoodboogers because they don’t have a positive male figure in their life.

In conclusion, over 31% of all African American children are born to single mothers. This occurs for many different reasons. For many men, all relationships with women are about sexual conquest with little responsibility in mind. In addition, popular culture teaches kids poor values about sex and relationships. Mediated images teach young boys that women are sex objects. In the media, women are portrayed as disposable material commodities that are used solely for sexual gratification purposes. This is most evident in glossy modern-day rap music videos. Therefore, stop being the “Hood Chick” and fix your situation. You being a single mother essentially creates a advance version of Hoodboogers & Hood Chicks in the next generation. End the cycle of “Bastard Breeding.”

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Disclaimer: I am simply stating an opinion through observations and I DO intend on offending some you that pertain to this. If I do, feel free to comment.

Hello. In this installment, I will be instructing you on the signs of who to avoid on Twitter.Well all know that Twitter is SUPPOSE to be Social media messaging service for staying in touch and keeping up with friends from anywhere. Usable through a growing number of platforms but shit has got out of hand. Twitter has turned into a place where “Fake Intelligent” people with delusions of grandeur can write about anything mundane and trivial in their lives, while believing that the whole world wants to know. We see them every damn day on our Time Line giving life advice & spread inspirational quotes to us all that they got off Google. We don’t want to hear that shit. They think they’re knowledgeable when they’re not. Shut up, you’re “Fake Intelligent.” With that being said, here are 5 indicators of people you shouldn’t Follow on Twitter.

1.The Chick that ALWAYS refers to her undying love as “#OOMF.” This is what I call Side Chick activity. A woman that is one level above a Hoe but always a step below the Wife and the Girlfriend. A Chick must know her part. She does not get holidays, birthdays (other than her own). While he may meet your family. You will never meet his. A Side Chick is a woman who will have sex on Feb. 1-13 and spend Valentine’s Day alone. However, avoid females with Side Chick Tweets. Why? Because they’re craving attention for all the wrong reasons.

2. Avoid Hoodrats on Twitter with ALL cause. Unfollow them. These are females who don’t dress appropriately in their Twitter Picture. More than half their wardrobe consists of tight and often revealing clothing. They’re usually holding a job at fast food places or retail stores and many have no real education and are likely to be high school dropouts. They also have children with different fathers who have criminal records or some kind of sketchy past. They also live at home with their parent(s) or someone and don’t have themselves established with their own anything. They are not very intelligent and their vocabulary sounds like they failed remedial English and it shows through their Tweets. When they Tweet they often make fun of those who are successful and established because they are jealous and envy those who actually work for things. They have a high tendency to be lazy and unmotivated. Hoodrats tend to have a greedy and self centered mentality and it’s mostly fueled by their love of money and Tweet corny phrases like “Money Makes Me Cum.” They often like to Unfollow people who put a spotlight on their fuck-ups through Tweets. Avoid Hoodrats on Twitter, they’ll trouble your spirit.

3. Ladies, avoid thirsty dudes on Twitter. If your undergarments are hanging off you in your Twitter picture you are attracting thirsty dudes who pick up the Phone faster than everyone in a sales office. A thirsty dude “@s” every cute girl he sees but none of them respond. Most importantly he always refers to other dudes on Twitter as “Thirsty ass niggas.” A Thirsty dude on Twitter is equivalent to a Sex offender. Any dude who obtains sexual contact via Twitter less-than-honest means or a person that enjoys “Hunting Down” their prey. Don’t trust him. His ulterior motives could be malicious.

4. People who Text you about your Tweets are “Twitter Stalkers.” Avoid them. Twitter Stalkers will go to someone’s Twitter account and scrolling through every Tweet, looking at every picture, and reading every private conversation they’ve had. Avoid ALL Tweeter’s who are obsessed with you to the point of insanity. Anyone who has an intense interest in another person on Twitter is not to be trusted. Twitter Stalkers have the ability encompass a wide variety of people, ranging from the innocent and idealistic when they’re online but crazy in real life. Unfollow they ass now, not later.

5. Avoid fake and aspiring models on Twitter. In many cases this person will have “Modeling” pictures in which they don’t really model anything but try to look good. Infrequent Twitter picture changes is another symptom. Although a majority of these fake models manipulate angles to where they don’t look fat or ugly. This is why I call them “Decepticons.” Another symptom is that they NEVER change their Twitter Picture and that only means that they are dirty and deceitful. These Hoes generally have low self-esteem. They like to turn their Bathroom into a Make-Shift Studio while taking “Ass On The Sink” pictures like they’re Modeling for Colgate Toothpaste.

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