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The Galaxy Foamposite sneakers will be a great example of failure and continued demise of the Black culture as thousands of black people will be lined up outside of Malls and shoe stores across America to buy a limited number of overpriced sneakers they can’t affored. Now I present you the “Galaxy Foamposite Commandments.”

1. Thou Shall not purchase the Galaxy Foams if you can’t afford them. The Galaxy Foamposites will not “Moon Walk” you to responsibility. Michael Jackson didn’t Die on the Cross for that.

2. Thou Shall not fight over the Galaxy Foamposites. Jesus Christ did not walk on water without shoes for you to be fighting for overpriced sneakers.

3. Thou Shall not purchase the Galaxy Foamposites if he/she doesn’t have a job. Thousands of blacks lined up to buy $220 shoes they neither need nor can afford, but you know what you won’t ever see Black people lined up by the thousands to buy Work Boots.

4. Thou Shall not purchase the Galaxy Foamposites if you live off the Government. How many of those Black people in line thought they would be able to use their EBT cards to buy their new $220 shoes? LOL. How many of them have no job and live entirely off the government teat yet still have the means to buy status symbol shoes?

5. Thou Shall not purchase the Galaxy Foamposites if he/she lives in the projects. You bought $220 shoes just so you can step on roaches in them? LOL.

6. Thou Shall not purchase the Galaxy Foamposites if he/she doesn’t own a motor vehicle. A raggedy Car beats a dressed up walk anyday.

7. Thou Shall not be stupid. If you show up to the Mall, where you know there are less than 20 pairs of an item for sale and there are already more than 200 people in line for that product, why would you get in that line? Especially if there are already 1000 or 2000 people ahead of you?

8. Thou Shall not rob others for the Galaxy Foamposites. Ironically, those lucky (or violent) enough to get the shoes can look forward to being robbed and or shot for wearing them in public.

9. Thou Shall not be deceived. Have you ever noticed that EVERY Black person on Facebook gets tagged with pictures of overpriced sneakers? This is not a coincidence, it’s a set up. They’re essentially making White people procreate as Black people spend their money on stupid shit. Don’t let them deceive you.

10. Thou Shall not Twitpic the Galaxy Foamposites. If you partake in this, you’ll be Unfollowed and with persistence you’ll be Blocked.

In conclusion, Black culture has created a classless group of people who are hostile and easily provoked because they feel entitled. Generation after generation of Black people teach their kids how to manipulate the system and they are experts at it. Most of them think that society owes them something and that it should provide for them. If you break any of these commandments, God will not answer your Prayers for 40 days and 40 nights.

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I’ve had a Twitter account for 1 year now and I’ve seen the way it’s grown, not in terms of new people who join Twitter but in terms of Blackness. Twitter can be hilarious at times, but other times I wonder, “Any White person that clicks on this trending topic will have proof that Black people are just as ignorant as always.” Twitter is suppose to be a social networking site for people who need to stay on top of current events, sports, and where people with delusions of grandeur can Tweet or Retweet about anything mundane and trivial in their lives, all the while believing that the whole world wants to know.

On certain occasions, some peoples Tweets are updates on “What I’m Doing” and general commentary on “What’s Going On.” But the great majority of people on Twitter who post “I’m Lonely Type Tweets” aka “I’m missing my Bae” or followed by “Twitter is dead tonight, I’m logging off“ like someone gives a damn that you’re getting off Twitter. Twitter doesn’t care. All social networks, like Facebook or YouTube, are full of Attention whores, I stated this in my “Attention Whore’s On Twitter” article. Twitter is ego stroking social network and a popularity contest where even the basic looking girl in real life can take a picture with her cleavage spilling out like she’s modeling for a Breast Feeding agency. I would love to browse through Twitter DM’s of the pretty attention whores. I’m sure it’s filled with Thirsty men **and some women** kissing ass and trying to flirt from thousands of miles away just because she Tweeted “I Need Some Dick Right Now ;)” But let’s focus on the infamous Trending Topics. For those of you who don’t have a Twitter Account, I’m going to break down the different categories on Trending Topics that Black people create.

  • Funny Trending Topics: #TheFatFriend: Funny and targeted towards obese people. This Trending Topic is hilarious because obese people are constantly a source for jokes.
  • Lonely and Bitter Trending Topics: #IKnewYouWerentTheOneWhen: Usually scorn women attack this Trending Topic without hesitation because of their sketchy past with an ex-boyfriend.
  • Sexual Trending Topics: #3WordsAfterSex: This Trending Topic pops at least once a month because horn toads all over the world have their minds in the gutter during late hours of the night.

Those Trending Topics may be funny but, another part of me makes me feel ashamed because this is Black America unfiltered. Twitter is a reflection at what “Average” Black people do everyday. They watch Reality TV, They hate on the Miami Heat or the L.A. Lakers, debate what rappers are the best, they complain about trival shit, but most importantly, they entertain me. When I’m bored or relaxing, it makes me happy that I can scroll through my Timeline and be generally entertained on all fronts. I love Twitter and all of the people I Follow. My advice, if you can’t stomach jokes, then don’t get on Twitter. If it doesn’t bother you and you want to laugh, Follow as many Black people on Twitter as you possibly can.

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Thousands of Hoes/Groupies will be dressed in skin tight clothing and six inch heels. Synthetic Hair and eye lashes faker than a 3 dollar bill. Men lined up from wall to wall, their head in a tizzy, not knowing which ass to stare at during many Indianapolis events such as, Club Industry, the Lawrence Armory party and etc. But I was doing a lot of thinking and I had an epiphany of what was to come during these festivities that will take place in Indianapolis.

I want to give a shout out to the Hoes that will be in Indianapolis this weekend wearing short skirts in the freezing weather. Shout out to the Hoes that did their homework and studied the roster of the NFL and NBA teams so they wouldn’t get fooled by some random tall dude at a Club/Party. I want to give a round of applause to the beautiful Hoes that will be packed into a hotel room 4 to a bed, and extra kudos to the fat friend who paid extra but will ended up sleeping on the floor. Let’s stand up for the naïve eye candy that will stand outside of Club Industry with only $20 in her fake Gucci Bag hoping that her looks would get her into the Club the same way it has in her hometown. Let’s hear it for the Hoes who will unselfishly have Sex with a broke nigga because there was nothing else to do after leaving the Lawrence Armory Party. But truthfully this article is dedicated to the Hoes who fucked a Celebrity or Pro athlete so good that she’s now being flown out to his mansion for round 2, may his seamen bless you with your own VH1 show.

  • Dumb Women: Sex you because you’re cute or have a nice car.
  • Ladies: Sex you after you’ve earned their trust and have committed yourself to her and only her.
  • Hoes: Fuck you because of money or status.

All women are formulated into those categories. Take a second and think about which category you fall in. Not all of you are ladies, you don’t have to tell me, but be honest with yourself.

If you’re going to be a Hoe in Indianapolis during Superbowl Weekend, don’t be a Discount Hoe. Most dudes aren’t balling so they only can have sex with Discount Hoes, those girls who fuck for Red Lobster biscuits and a VIP passes in the Club are Discount Hoes. When I was on Twitter yesterday observing these Superbowl Weekend Hoes, I could take one look at their Tweets and tell what level of Hoe she was.

In conclusion, if you made a trip to Indianapolis for Superbowl Weekend and you don’t even like Football, you a Hoe. But let’s not disrespect the Smart Hoes by categorizing them with the Discount Hoes and Groupies that will make mendacious statements like, “Girl I shut down Indianapolis, I ain’t even pay to get in the Club.” Hoe, you didn’t shut anything down but your immune system when you fucked that dude raw because he said he was Rick Ross road manager. LOL.

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