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During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed. BUT, guess what? It’s summer time. During the summer time, everybody is single. Everybody is outside having fun. Less clothes. Hoes out, toes out. Will your relationship last during the summer? I highly doubt it, and I’ll elaborate in the following paragraphs.

“Cuffin’ Season” is officially within our midst during the fall, but it has ended. Prepare yourselves during the month of May, marks the day the most aggressive lust games officially begin: The Thirst Rush. So, if you noticed that throughout the summer that dude’s been on their slow creep to relevancy: check-in text messages, (“Hey, how are you?”), a random phone call (“I was just thinking about you so I called…”), and the classic heart warmer, a good morning text (“I hope you have a good day”), know that his eyes are fixed on your pussy and not your personality, sweet wrists and doesn’t want to cuff you, he wants to fuck you. However, know that the mass courting texts are alive and well. But, if you have a man, this is a reason to end cuffing season. The attention is all on you now ladies, and this is why…

The Thirst Month Rush:

The month of May is the period of time when dudes will go out of their way to seduce and impress women, better known as “Drake’s Weep Month”, where all of the sweet nothings whispered by Drizzy on his hit songs, suddenly become the new tone solitary men begin to greet you with. Said solitary man may express missing you. He may even pull the, “Hey Stranger” text message to guilt you into missing him and will have you untucking your vagina during the summer… even if you’re in a relationship.

During the summer, the thirst is at its all time high and the actions a dude is about to execute may make or break the deal for him. You should recommend regarding all of his flattery as more so entertainment than sincerity.

May- June:
End your relationship while it lasts. Why?

All good things must come to an end. The best approach to take when breaking off your cuff is a gradual fadeout. After all, you boyfriend was your lover for a few months during the fall/winter, so your break-up should be soft, subtle, respectable and leave enough room for possible revisiting rights during the summer. Again, cuffing is a season of games, love games to be clear, and if any man can’t recognize your great sportswoman-ship, make sure that’s the last time you cuff him and make his ass regret it during the summer.

On a final note, do have fun this upcoming summer. End your relationships with your boyfriends while you can because you’ll end up cheating anyway. When observed properly (not hawked up on continued expectation nor the disappointment of unrequited love) cuffing season is a wonderfully joyous occasion worthy of observation, but God invented the summer time for beautiful women to be free, boyfriendless, and to gain all attention from thirsty men. Live it up, and have a safe summer.

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ImageWhat I find so ironic is that these women call themselves “Mothers” when Mother’s Day comes around because to me, a mother is a woman who takes care of her children. It amazes me that these moms portray themselves as mothers. What kind of woman abandons her child every weekend in the name of fun? If you have 1 child that you abandoned, and you’re pregnant with your 2nd, you’re not a mother… you’re a liability.

Not a day goes by that I see these so called “Mothers” slandering their baby’s daddy on Facebook and Twitter. When one parent makes derogatory remarks to the child about the other parent, the child may not want to see or talk to the alienated parent. This is what I call Parental Alienation Syndrome. How you does a woman who abandons her child every night for dick have the nerve to alienate her baby’s daddy? Women who get on social networks downing their child’s father should be shot. You sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Unifit mothers shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate Mother’s Day, have a Driver’s License nor have a social network account. I hate when women who aren’t mothers try to tell everyone else how to be a mother. When was the last time you saw your child? Anybody can make a baby…do you take care of yours? All of yours, all the time, not just when it is convenient? What can you show me about your child other than a few wallet-sized photographs? What is your child proof of other than the “Pull-Out Technique” isn’t effective? Children make excuses, adults make changes. Any excuse you have for not being in your child’s life is null and void. You may be a parent but it isn’t apparent. You’re not a real mother unless you’re active in your child’s life.

They say “perception is reality”, so as woman what do you perceive? Are you deceiving yourself by calling yourself a mother? I think so. You’re no better than a Lab Retriever dog. At least they nurture their offspring. Hinduism teaches when the mother is out of order, the WHOLE family is out of order. Mothers are the center of the family. Therefore, be in your childs life and stop using Mother’s Day as a day to fish for gifts.

A Mother is a child’s first teacher. A Father is a child’s first hero. People have to tell their daughters how beautiful and worthy they are of the best or they may grow up to tolerate abuse. I know everybody can’t be a perfect parent, but be the best parent you can be. The least you can do as a mother is give your child a fighting chance instead of using your child as a trophy showing that your reproductive organs work.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day and much love to the women that take care of their children and never abandon them in the name of fun.

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