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The multi-talented YE Ali out of Indiana has created a movement and a new sound which consist of blending the worlds of dance and Hip Hop together. His simplistic and unique styles of art mixed with Hip Hop has created a big buzz in the midwest.

His up and coming mixtape “The “ADDict” mixtape follows YE Ali on his journey after realizing he was going through a quarter life crisis at age 23. His adventures follow him through drugs, heartbreak, uncertainty, anger, police harassment, and trying to change the landscape of music.ADDict” featuring Lyfe Harris, Wally West, and the talented Tiara Thomas who is affiliated with MMG’s Wale.

Check out his newest video below: YE Ali – Make A Move

YE Ali’s alternative hip hop style has enough longevity to gain mainstream success, and many rappers re-orientated their styles from a gangsta rap persona to an emphasis on other things. His style is significant for him, as many up and coming rappers are trying to bombard their way into recording deals with trap rap styles. The recent surge in popularity for alternative hip hop finally gives artist like YE Ali an opportunity to be successful. As the violence in hip hop toned down during the late 2000’s, conscious & artistic rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Lupe, Kanye & etc. are essentially opening up the Hip Hop Gates Of Heaven for YE Ali.

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First and foremost, they should have never gave you niggas data plans. I openly admit I’ve never understood the mystique and passion that draws people to stand in line for days and hours to get the iPhone 5, but you never see niggas lined up by the thousands standing in line for work boots. Sure the iPhone 5 looks dope, sleek, with cute boxy icons for apps and functions but beyond that it’s a thin tin box with fancy wrapping. So, let’s forget its uniqueness and thin shape, and get down to why I hate the iPhone 5 and why some of you niggas shouldn’t be allowed to purchase it.

Siri: Um… nice try catching up. The iPhone 5’s Siri still won’t tell these hoes who they baby father is. Androids have been doing voice-prompted calling for over a couple of years, and are capable of understanding voice commands to do the same things Siri can do. Talk into an Android and say “What’s the weather today?” Hey Siri, my Android was doing this a few years ago. Illogical.

Standing In Line: So you’re telling me niggas are getting ready to wait hours in line for an Apple product they can’t even eat? SMH. Never forget that Slim Dunkin died over a bag of Gummy Bears and you expect to leave the Apple Store alive with that iPhone 5? It’s not happening.

iPhone Camera: Camera… Really? It’s 2012 and Apple still has the same 8MP camera they had in the 4S. Most smartphones were shipping with 8MP cameras in 2010. Stupid.

Government Aided People Buying The iPhone 5: Don’t you hate when people that live off Government Assistance buy new shit like your tax money doesn’t provide for them? I sure in the hell do. I don’t look down on anyone on Government Assistance, but I look sideways at anybody thinking they’re balling while on it. If you’re Government Aided and my tax money supports you, you shouldn’t be allowed to purchase the iPhone 5 nor have a phone that’s expensive than mine.

My point is that if you want a smartphone, look around and see what works the way YOU work, and not adjust to the way these niggas and hoes will accept you. It seems contradictory for so many artistic and creative people to be told what to like rather than beating their own path and finding what works for them. I don’t own any Apple devices by choice. I bought one online for cheap 2 years ago and sold it a few days later for twice what I paid. I didn’t feel bad about that either. Capitalism my nigga.

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Welcome back to “Cuffing Season Draft 2012.” The 3rd Round is the last and final round of the Draft, so be wary of what prospect that your scouting for Cuffing Season. The 3rd consist of females that barely made it out of “D-League Cuffing Season” but has potential and talent to stick around all season unless her nigga trades her during #TradeDeadlineWeek… They may be attractive, but they lack substance. A lot of selfish play will get your ass benched all season and sent to Free Agency.

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Welcome back to the first Annual “Cuffing Season Draft 2012.” These 2nd Round Draft Picks consist of the most attractive and cuffable females that I follow on Twitter. Judging by apperance, the great majority of the 2nd Round Picks belong in the 1st Round, but however, they ended up in the 2nd Round because of one of these reasons: Got benched last Cuffing Season, Sent to the D-League Cuffing Season, Pussy makes too many turnovers, or her man probably traded her for another prospective female that was scoring 30 in the bedroom. But they’re back for this years Cuffing Season to compensate from last years mistakes. Check out the 2nd Draft Picks below. Make sure you browse through their attributes and stats before picking your potential cuff…. Let the 2nd Round begin.

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Welcome to this years first annual “Cuffing Season Draft.” The draft will consist  of the Top 10 females I follow on Twitter that deserve the right to be cuffed this season. Are you looking for a prospective female that can cook, has a bangin’ body, fucks like champ, and will average a Triple Double all Cuffing Season? Well, check out this years Top 10 lottery picks below. The 2nd round of the “Cuffing Season Draft” will take place this Sunday 7PM and the 3 round will kick off that following Monday at 7PM. (Ladies, let me know if you want to be a participant for the next 2 rounds, it could increase your Follower Count)… Let the cuffing games begin.


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