“Cuffing Season Draft 2012” **2nd Round** by Brydell Rice

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome back to the first Annual “Cuffing Season Draft 2012.” These 2nd Round Draft Picks consist of the most attractive and cuffable females that I follow on Twitter. Judging by apperance, the great majority of the 2nd Round Picks belong in the 1st Round, but however, they ended up in the 2nd Round because of one of these reasons: Got benched last Cuffing Season, Sent to the D-League Cuffing Season, Pussy makes too many turnovers, or her man probably traded her for another prospective female that was scoring 30 in the bedroom. But they’re back for this years Cuffing Season to compensate from last years mistakes. Check out the 2nd Draft Picks below. Make sure you browse through their attributes and stats before picking your potential cuff…. Let the 2nd Round begin.

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  1. meaganlashae says:

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    Cuffin Season has arrived…

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