“YE Ali Vows To Change The Landscape Of Music” by Brydell

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

The multi-talented YE Ali out of Indiana has created a movement and a new sound which consist of blending the worlds of dance and Hip Hop together. His simplistic and unique styles of art mixed with Hip Hop has created a big buzz in the midwest.

His up and coming mixtape “The “ADDict” mixtape follows YE Ali on his journey after realizing he was going through a quarter life crisis at age 23. His adventures follow him through drugs, heartbreak, uncertainty, anger, police harassment, and trying to change the landscape of music.ADDict” featuring Lyfe Harris, Wally West, and the talented Tiara Thomas who is affiliated with MMG’s Wale.

Check out his newest video below: YE Ali – Make A Move

YE Ali’s alternative hip hop style has enough longevity to gain mainstream success, and many rappers re-orientated their styles from a gangsta rap persona to an emphasis on other things. His style is significant for him, as many up and coming rappers are trying to bombard their way into recording deals with trap rap styles. The recent surge in popularity for alternative hip hop finally gives artist like YE Ali an opportunity to be successful. As the violence in hip hop toned down during the late 2000’s, conscious & artistic rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Lupe, Kanye & etc. are essentially opening up the Hip Hop Gates Of Heaven for YE Ali.

For more updates on his project, Follow him on Twitter @YE_Ali

  1. Meeks says:

    Idk who he is but is sounds dope.

  2. Chitownfinest says:

    Wen the mixtape drop?

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