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Before we jump off into the “6 Type Of Hoes” I’d like to say that every woman is a hoe, whether it’s with her man or the community. Just face it, it’s in their DNA to prowl. Once you realize that every chick is a hoe, your life becomes easier. But no chick will ever really admit they’re a hoe so thats basically voided… You have to understand that hoes mess up EVERYTHING. Even relationships. A wise man once said “You cant take a Hoe to a Hotel, cause a Hoe will tell everybody”-Ludacris. Therefore, I’m here to help you decipher on what type of hoes to watch out for. Its an epidemic fellas. There is no known vaccine for the Hoe virus, but there are several immunizations. Educate yourself… hoeification.

The Stupid Hoe

“Stupid Hoe” – She is usually very cute. Niggas often return to eat her food, watch her cable, and borrow her car and/or money. Very naive and gullilbe. The Stupid Hoe is the most credulous hoe in the hoe kingdom. Be wary of her actions.

The Undercover Hoe

“The Undercover Hoe” – This type of hoe often goes unnoticed in the community,& can only be detected by a trained eye usually by real niggas.

The Nasty Hoe

“Nasty Hoe” – This hoe has not exactly been blessed in the looks department but is usually very popular with men for her other talents.

The Crazy Hoe

“Crazy Hoe” – She has the same terrible luck with men, but unlike the Stupid Hoe, she seeks revenge. Very bitter and probably listens to a lot of Keisha Cole’s music. Keisha Cole sings at an octave that only scorn crazy hoes can hear like K-9 dogs.

The Church Hoe

“The Church Hoe” – This hoe is in church every Sunday and carries a Bible with her at all times, but clubs all week and strips. How Holy is your pussy when it only bears fatherless children by various men? She is sometimes mistaken for the Undercover Hoe.

The Light Skin Hoe

“The Light Skin Hoe” – The lightest chick in her clique of friends is usually the leader, but she’s also the biggest hoe. The deception is treacherous.

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