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While I was a work today doing nothing, I’ve came to a conclusion that a woman can’t “give” you some pussy. But you can definitely give her some dick… I’ll elaborate in the following paragraphs.

Niggas have been taught in our society to place pussy on a pedestal. We’ve been indoctrinated into the belief that pussy is the goose that lays the golden egg… WRONG. That’s ass backwards thinking. It’s time to raise the penis back to it’s place of prominence fellas and makes these hoes appreciate us more.

You have to understand that a man’s sexual body parts are attached to the “outside” of his body. This means his body is designed to “give.” A chick’s sexual body parts are for the most part “inside” her body. This means her body is designed primarily for “receiving.” So in this respect a female’s pussy isn’t designed to “give” ANYTHING so please lets cease the saying “I’ma give him some pussy.”

As a man you need to develop the kind of mindset that says to chicks… “I’m offering you the pleasure of my dick because you’re worthy of receiving it.” Learn your self-worth. And stop thinking “I hope she gives me some pussy.”

That’s a misnomer… riddle me this, pussy doesn’t give, it can only receives LOL. It’s the dick that does all the giving little mama. So the next time a chicks offers to give you some ass, like she’s doing YOU a special favor, remind yourself that really you’re about to do HER one. You’re about to give her pleasure and whatever you get in return comes from your own efforts.

Think about it, if you get up in some pussy, you won’t bust a nut just from laying up in that warm love muscle of her. You don’t get an orgasm unless you work for it. Her and your pleasure basically comes from you doing most or all of the work 9 times outta 10. She really doesn’t have to do anything but lay there moaning, and she still gets pleasure… and if you’re not careful she’ll also be getting a baby and monthly child support checks for the next 15 to 20 years too… and if that happens just walk out of child’s life. Lmaooo. Just kidding.

What I’m basically showing you is that sex is something that the female benefits from more so than the man. And females know this. And they use your lack of knowledge to their own advantage.

So get wise and realize that when it comes to sex, you are the one doing all the giving, not her. Stop chasing pussy around like it’s something special. Make pussy chase you like Tom chases Jerry and realize its the dick that’s special, not the pussy. By developing this type of mindset you set yourself apart from 99% of the niggas out there. And consequently, confident women find men who know their worth extremely desirable.

Side Note: Of course we’re not talking about STD’s. Both men and women are capable of transmitting sexual diseases. So keep your health and your finances safe by strapping up or just have unprotected sex with her and fuck her fast enough to where you can escape the STD.

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Black Friday is the day when mankind proves yet again that niggas will literally kill someone for a 60 inch flat screen TV. The irony of giving thanks on Thanksgiving the day after, niggas will plow, stampede, and fight over material posessions like it’s the Hunger Games. You’ll see people grabbing their sleeping bags and tents and flock to the entrance of the Walmart, Bestbuy, or Target at midnight, waiting for the store to open at around 4AM.

Rule 1.) Be Cautious: The nanosecond that the doors swing open, you better brace yourself, because the apocalypse has begun. Within seconds, some nigga who ABSOLUTELY MUST be first in line will plow through the massive crowd, stepping on children and endangering the lives of other humans and sprinting down the aisles looking for the TV section just so he can have it made on Sundays when the NFL games are on.

Rule 2.) Have Some Kind of Protection: Baseball Bat, Pepper Spray, or even better… a gun. Riddle me this, rapper Slim Dunkin died over a bag of Gummy Bears, therefore that nigga standing in line with a Du-rag has no problem killing you over that Apple Computer.

Rule 3.) Remember That “Sale” Doesn’t Always Mean Cheaper: Just because the sign says “sale” doesn’t mean it’s really a sale many stores are advertising cheap prices for liquidation but you should make a list of the items you’ve been eyeing and check with Amazon and you’ll find there’s no difference between the regular and so-called “sale” prices… You’re welcome.

Every year, someone gets pushed over, and everyone just tramples all over them, paying no mind to the wellbeing of the adults and sometimes babies that suffer injury from the greedy niggas that participate in this day. If you want to shop at all on Black Friday, you’d best do it at the crack of dawn, because by 10AM every last item on the shelf will be gone. And if by some divine miracle you’re able to make it out of the train wreck at the front door with all of your body parts intact, you have to fucking fly to get to the things you want. As soon as you reach for that flat screen, some jealous nigga will punch you in the face and take it right from you. That’s how ignorant and retarded the people of the world are these days… And yet, the stores still celebrate this day.

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