“Side Chicks: The Guide To Cheating On Your Girl” by Brydell

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

side chickGuys this one is for you as well as the chicks that fall into this category. It has been brought to my attention that a lot of hoes just do not know what their roles are. I am here to help. Females: 1. If you are a female that is knowingly messing with a guy that already has a girlfriend/wife you are the Side Chick. 2. A Side Chick is a female that is there to do what the girlfriend/wife will not do or isn’t able to do at that moment (ex. Oral sex, have sex on command, menage a trois, soothe egos, just about anything the imagination can concoct). 3. Side Chicks, you are not there to be pampered, taken care of or even there to be listened to. Your sole purpose is to be screwed and used. Accept your position. You are the one that chose it. A Side Chick is stupid and simple minded. So every once in a while this hoe will forget her role so guys this is where you come in. Fellas, I understand that girlfriend/wife doesn’t always give you 100%. In my opinion, majority of girlfriends/wives gives approximately 80%. It’s understandable since no one is perfect. It is in your nature to seek that 20% that is lacking. Unfortunately instead of trying to work at it with your girlfriend/wife, you usually go elsewhere. If you choose to go this route, here are a few rules that must be followed:

Side Note: However, in this generation Side Chicks are getting the same treatment as wifey and that’s ass backwards. Nowadays niggas make Side Chicks & girlfriends equal, meaning that if you’re the girlfriend & you know about the Side Chick, then YOU are the Side Chick

1. Take care of home first!!! What that means is to never let what you do with your Side Chick interfere with your relationship. Always keep in mind that your Side Chick is not there to replace your girlfriend/wife. She is only there to pick up the slack. A Side Chick is not good enough to be a girlfriend/wife otherwise she would not be the hoe on the side picking up slack.

2. Do not, let me repeat, Do not for any reason divulge information about your girlfriend/wife to your Side Chick. Information is power. A Side Chick does not need power to fulfill her role. All she needs for the job is an ear, an open mouth and open legs.

3. Do not allow your Side Chick to have direct contact with you. They should not be able to get a hold of you unless you contact them first. Now, you on the other hand, should always have direct contact with your Side Chick. Never leave voice/text messages. She should never have any evidence of ever being in contact with you.

4. When your Side Chick starts forgetting her purpose, as she will, and tries to initiate contact with, like prank calling, your girlfriend/wife, just stick your dick in her mouth and remind her of why she is around.

If you follow these guidelines roles no violence and no drama will occur. I DO NOT CONDONE CHEATING but it happens and this is a  guide for the people involved. (Be sure not to make the same mistakes Tiger Woods made)

P.S. “If your man falls asleep while y’all at the movies, he already seen it with his Side Chick.”- Brydell

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  1. Villas bali says:

    Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful post.

    Thank you for supplying this info.

  2. Tina says:


    You men are so fucking trifling and stupid.

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