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In this installment you will witness some of greatest tweets that ever came across your timeline so far this year. This blog is dedicated to those who tweet dope shit but never gain followers or prosper from it. There are a lot of underrated tweeters flourishing our timelines daily and it is time that they are recognized to the Twitterverse. Therefore, if you tweet something funny, insightful, shocking or just something that contains shear disrespect, I’ll add to the list or email me your tweet and I’ll post it on to the list of Hall Of Fame Tweets. The tweet has to contain at least 50+ RT’s or favs in order for it to be considered legendary. Email me your tweet to if it gauges levels of greatness. Peep the list of Hall Of Fame Tweets below the context: Make sure yall hit the follow button on these tweeters. #HallOfFameTwitter

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It’s been a hectic 2012-2013 NBA season thus far. So far, there has not been a dull moment this year. There has also been no shortage of moments players, teams, fans and the NBA would like to imagine never happened. They range from being mad funny to the downright farcical, with a quick visit from the free-throw demons thrown in for good measure. This won’t be a descending list of the most embarrassed niggas in the league, but they’re all pretty bad. Make your own mind up in the comments below this blog of which player you think deserves recognition as the most embarrassed in the NBA. There’s only one answer in my mind…

Brandon Knight

After Brandon Knight was sodomized by Andre Jordan, I’d have to say he was put on one of the greatest posters of all time. Knight had the “Finish Him” caption hovering above his head like a Mortal Kombat character after being punched on. No way in hell I’d wake up the next morning next to my girl after being dunked on like that. Getting dunked on in front of your girl is worse than getting beat up. I’m sure this nigga threw every television set out his window the next day to avoid the outlandish backlash he’d receive on ESPN. SMH.

Russell Westbrook

“Y’all niggas tripping!” Really Westbrook? On national television b? A man that pulls this type of stunt on national televison to the reporters doesn’t give a fuck about life and has no problem strolling into McDonald’s with yesterday’s cup. You gotta chill. “Y’all niggas tripping” is a poor response to answering a touchy question by a reporter. However, after years of reporters asking the same questions, they try to find new ways to get responses from players. Sometimes it works, sometimes it can have comedic results like Westbrook’s.

James Harden

My nigga, you tricked off $20K for a big booty model, Jenna Shea to “Hang out!?!” This is equivalent to buying Twitter followers. Athlete’s might be popular, and rich but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t lame as hell. This incident scientifically proves that niggas with beards don’t prosper offline… If so, then why are you paying for pussy?

Chris Bosh

I’m sure nobody is surprised that this faggot is on the list. Why you got that look in your eyes bruh? I don’t know what type of demons Chris Bosh battled throughout his child to make him blatantly act homo, but it’s time to come out the closet. SMH.

Carmelo Anthony vs. Kevin Garnett

This isn’t the first time Garnett has been accussed of spewing harsh words at his opponents on the court. After an incident on the court KG says Carmelo’s wife, LaLa taste like “Honey Nut Cheerios” and this is allegedly what made Melo so enraged that he waited by the Boston Celtics team bus just ready to turn Super Saiyan throw a damn Spirit Bomb right in the middle of Time Square like he’s Goku. I must admit, the whole incident was childish of Carmelo but that’s the type of reaction when you come at a niggas Queen.

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The just-released album cover for Ray J’s 'I Hit It First.' Ray J has released a National Anthem for niggas who can’t get over their ex, is he a genius or is he just bitter? The much anticipated track Ray J teased yesterday leaked all over Twitter today. When he unveiled the controversy single cover on his Instagram featuring an extremely pixaleted picture of what is, of course, his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Ray J & Kim have been broken up for a few years now, could he just using her fame and media attention to become relevant again? Or is he just a lame ass ex who’s more bitter than the cast on the “Waiting To Exhale” movie?

Ray J’s whole career has basically been a joke & I’m sure those who follow music can’t take Ray J seriously, this is the same nigga that went to the Barber Shop & asked for a number 24 on the Haircut Chart. SMH (view pic below)

I can only image what Kanye West is going through right now, I bet the nigga is so mad that he just floating in the air like a Super Saiyan in Dragonball Z just waiting to exterminate Moesha’s brother. Not only did Ray J “Hit It First” but he also released a track blatantly taunting Mr. West and it went viral. I think it’s about that time for Kanye to unlease that South Side of Chicago aura. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye and his gang was waiting outside of Ray J’s residence like this…(view pic below)

Yeah I give it to you Ray J, you hit it first & you’re the reason why she’s who she is today but you gotta stop acting like you can get a Members Only jacket for running up in Kim Kardashian’s pussy. Sam’s Club has tougher requirements than that vagina. He should of known she was a hoe and it wasn’t gonna last when she agreed to released that sextape that leaked a few years back. Once a hoe, always a hoe & their is no vaccine for the Hoe Virus.

*Side Note*: For niggas who can’t get over their ex, the next time you at the Club & ya ex happens to show up w/ her new nigga, you gotta request Ray J “I Hit It First” to the DJ so you got the upperhand.

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