“Ray J Must Be Stopped” by @Bdell1014

Posted: April 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

The just-released album cover for Ray J’s 'I Hit It First.' Ray J has released a National Anthem for niggas who can’t get over their ex, is he a genius or is he just bitter? The much anticipated track Ray J teased yesterday leaked all over Twitter today. When he unveiled the controversy single cover on his Instagram featuring an extremely pixaleted picture of what is, of course, his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Ray J & Kim have been broken up for a few years now, could he just using her fame and media attention to become relevant again? Or is he just a lame ass ex who’s more bitter than the cast on the “Waiting To Exhale” movie?

Ray J’s whole career has basically been a joke & I’m sure those who follow music can’t take Ray J seriously, this is the same nigga that went to the Barber Shop & asked for a number 24 on the Haircut Chart. SMH (view pic below)

I can only image what Kanye West is going through right now, I bet the nigga is so mad that he just floating in the air like a Super Saiyan in Dragonball Z just waiting to exterminate Moesha’s brother. Not only did Ray J “Hit It First” but he also released a track blatantly taunting Mr. West and it went viral. I think it’s about that time for Kanye to unlease that South Side of Chicago aura. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye and his gang was waiting outside of Ray J’s residence like this…(view pic below)

Yeah I give it to you Ray J, you hit it first & you’re the reason why she’s who she is today but you gotta stop acting like you can get a Members Only jacket for running up in Kim Kardashian’s pussy. Sam’s Club has tougher requirements than that vagina. He should of known she was a hoe and it wasn’t gonna last when she agreed to released that sextape that leaked a few years back. Once a hoe, always a hoe & their is no vaccine for the Hoe Virus.

*Side Note*: For niggas who can’t get over their ex, the next time you at the Club & ya ex happens to show up w/ her new nigga, you gotta request Ray J “I Hit It First” to the DJ so you got the upperhand.

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