“Hall Of Fame Tweets” by @Bdell1014

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Uncategorized


In this installment you will witness some of greatest tweets that ever came across your timeline so far this year. This blog is dedicated to those who tweet dope shit but never gain followers or prosper from it. There are a lot of underrated tweeters flourishing our timelines daily and it is time that they are recognized to the Twitterverse. Therefore, if you tweet something funny, insightful, shocking or just something that contains shear disrespect, I’ll add to the list or email me your tweet and I’ll post it on to the list of Hall Of Fame Tweets. The tweet has to contain at least 50+ RT’s or favs in order for it to be considered legendary. Email me your tweet to Brydellrice@yahoo.com if it gauges levels of greatness. Peep the list of Hall Of Fame Tweets below the context: Make sure yall hit the follow button on these tweeters. #HallOfFameTwitter

halloffame induct




halloffame6halloffame13halloffame10halloffame11halloffame12halloffame18halloffame yo


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