2012-2013 Twitter Season Awards by @Bdell1014

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twiter league

Twitter Season Awards 2012-2013: Who Should Bring Home the Hardware? The Twitter Season is in the books and we have some hardware to give out. Many had great individual seasons but these tweeters stood out from the competition. We will breakdown who should be named the Twitter MVP, Most Offensive Tweeter of the Year, Most Improved Tweeter, Rookie of the Year Tweeter, 6th Man of the Year Tweeter, Twitter Coach of the Year, and etc.

Twitter MVP: @Poochda63

poochPooch has taken over timelines by averaging 32 RT’s & 10 Mentions per tweet this season. He has euro-stepped passed the competition and has shown his tweet skills amongst the best.

Most Retweetable Tweeter: @iDntWearCondoms


Dame takes off from the Free Throw Line on every single tweet. He’s leading the whole Twitter Season with 40 RT’s per tweets a night and none of that backlash and slander that he deals with on the daily hasn’t stopped him. This award is equivalent to the NBA scoring title. Flourish.

Most Offensive Tweeter: @NudesGod


One of the most heartless niggas in the Twitterverse. He’s like the Kevin Garnett of Twitter… he will tweet something about your family or sick mother and will not care about how you feel at the same time. Each tweet could ruin one’s life. Proceed to follow him with caution.

Most Improved Tweeter: @KyleGotJokes


Kyle has been flourishing the timelines with dope tweets this whole season… in fact he has done all of Black Twitter a favor by terminating all the Catfish on Twitter and from all the prosperity, he has climbed his way to the top.

Twitter Coach Of The Year: @NoWomanIsRight


This guy has been giving us a heads up on what is to come when it comes to these hoes. For those of you out there playing the dating game, it can be a rough world. Especially for hard working, honest men. Undercover hoes are out in force trying to bag you so if you need righetous advice and coaching tips, follow this guy.

6th Man Tweeter Of The Year: @Now_Thats_Fresh


Greg has had the most RT’s and top tweets he’s ever had this season and has proved how clutch he was with funny tweets when peoples timelines were dry.

Rookie Of The Year Tweeter: @Ivan_Splash


Token has some of the most unique and interesting tweets in Black Twitter and not only does he make people laugh hysterically by composing tweets within 140 characters, but he also does it with his obscene pictures that he twitpics of him stalking bitches.

Troll Tweeter of the Year: @WaymentTho


This nigga trolls so hard that motherfucka’s wanna unfollow him… That shit cray! If you can’t stomach jokes or your sense of humor is wack, I suggest you not follow him cause you’ll be upset.

Saddest Tweeter Of The Year: @Bbillions


Billions has some the saddest tweets marinating on the timelines. A bottle of hennessey and reading some of Billions tweets with the Marvin’s Room instrumental playing in the background will make you show up to your ex crib unexpected and drunk on a rainy night.

Storyteller Of The Year: @UrFavritAsshole


His twitter name speak for itself. This award came down to @TheOnlyReed and @Poochda63 but to eliminate the two, @UrFavritAsshole came out on top with his outlandish story telling skills.

Female Tweeter Of The Year: @EyemHitler


If you’re easily offended by jokes, don’t even follow her. One of her tweets will make wanna scrabble in the pocket like a NFL Quarterback and throw a 90 yard hailmary with your phone out of anger.

Twitter Honey Of The Year: @BUNNYDaHONEY


This isn’t an award to be proud of cause a “Twitter Honey” is just a popular bitch everybody fucked in High School.

Fake RT Tweeter Of The Year: @WayneL_Jr


This award hands down goes to Wayne by unanimous descision. Wayne almost got @FreeLaddin expelled from school because of a fake RT and once put a chick on MediaTakeOut.com from a fake RT. One fake RT from this guy and Black Twitter will be tap dancing in your mentions for eternity.

Most Underrated Tweeter: @KaimellBeMackin


Timeline full of dope tweets and rarely gets enough recognition for them.

Most Informative Tweeter: @HipHopIsDeaddd


If you wanna know any everything about the latest music and the media, this is your guy. Has a very exclusive taste for music and will flood your timeline with funnies 24/7 365.

If you didn’t win an award this season, don’t be discouraged. Just tweet harder next season and you’ll prosper.


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