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While at work today I was gonna dedicate my article to why niggas prefer White girls, but as I was brainstorming, I decoded everything and broke it down why black men prefer White girls, become players, or assholes…. I’ll elaborate.

Growing up, a black boy is constantly guilt-tripped by his mother as she reminds him often of how much she had to sacrifice for him, how tired she is from working so hard and could use more of his help. Ask most professional ball players and rappers what the number one motivating factor was for making it big, and he’ll tell you: They did it for their mothers. Rarely if ever is the black father listed as a key motivational factor.

We even have creative terms we use for men who have placed their moms on pedestals. A lot of you ladies can attest to this one: how many times have you dated a nigga who turned out to be a momma’s boy? The term indicates a man who holds his mother in such high regard that it affects his relationships with other women in a negative way… So whoever said that black men don’t value black women is telling a got damn blatant lie.

Now contrast this with the way most black females are raised when it comes to having respect for black men. Most black chicks are raised in single parent homes, by a single mother. From her earliest years, she’s taught that men, particularly black men, are not to be relied on and trusted. She either learns this from observation based on the niggas who come in and out of her mother’s life, or she hears it directly from her mom, aunts and mom’s friends. Black women tell their daughters things like:

“Niggas ain’t shit.”
“Never rely on a man, be independent.” (If you so independent, then eat your own pussy then)
“Always have your own.”
“All men cheat.”
“All men are dogs.”
“Your father wasn’t shit.”
“You have to use what you got to get what you want.” (If your mother told you this, she was a hoe and you’re on your way to be one.)

If mom was particularly bitter towards dad after their breakup, its not uncommon for her to transfer this anger into her kids by the negative things she says about him in their presence…. Matter of fact add to this the constant barrage of negative images coming from the media that depict black men in a jacked up light: Everything from the nightly news that make it a point to primarily focus on crimes committed by black men, to movies such as Waiting to Exhale, What’s Love Got to Do With It, and every black woman’s all time favorite, The Color Purple. Fuck you Oprah. Fuck you!

By the time an American black woman has reached the age of 18, she’s been thoroughly indoctrinated into a belief that all niggas are untrustworthy, sneaky, conniving, and generally human beings of bad character.

Now here’s where my observation gets interesting. As black males begin to move into their dating age, we automatically transfer the love, admiration and respect we were taught for their mothers onto the chicks we date. But it doesn’t take long to figure out: a lot of young black chicks don’t respect the niggas who treat them right. They tend to go after the guys who treat them wrong! Wonderful logic you have there.

It only takes a few heartbreaks for a nigga to realize: ‘These hoes don’t want a nigga to be nice to them. They want a thug. Or a drug-dealer. Or a asshole. Because those seem to be the only guys these ladies actually respect.’

This is where niggas begin to reason: ‘Why should I treat hoes nice, when all I get out of it is ‘Lets just be friends’ AKA “Getting curved”? But then they come crying to me about some asshole who only makes them cry?!… Meanwhile, yall chicks wonder why niggas prefer White girls… And with that revelation, don’t complain about black men being with white women when all you show is shear disrespect.

Black men become Players and assholes because they realize that most Black chicks don’t want what they say they want, they tend to want the complete opposite. So they become that opposite. And that’s where your players come from.

Ladies: you are to blame for this phenomenon. Players are created by YOU!

If you ever ditched a good man for one you knew was bad for you, YOU CREATED A PLAYER.

If you ever cheated on your boyfriend with another nigga, YOU CREATED A PLAYER.

If you ever turned down a date with the nigga in college who was into his books, and said yes to a date with a nigga who was known to be a thug or a drug dealer, YOU CREATED A PLAYER.

See ladies, you have to own up to your mess. This isn’t bashing. This is real shit. Only immature chicks and deflectors won’t be able to handle this truth. We always hear about how guys are Players and assholes, but no one likes to talk about how men become one. So remember this the next time you and your girlfriends are sitting around talking shit about men… Players are not born, players are created. And chances are the last player who broke your heart was more than likely created by a female just like YOU.

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When it comes to “The Drake Phase”, there are two types of men. Those who can relate to it because they’ve hit their ex-girlfriend up with a text under the pretense that they miss them, and want to hit again to spite her and her new found happiness (yeah it’s hating but so what, once my pussy always my pussy until she tells me no) and I read that once in the footnotes of the Holy Scripture. Then there are the niggas who are afraid that their ex is going to receive that call and she won’t be strong enough to object to those advances from other guys, because she can do better.

The brilliance of “The Drake Phase” is that it goes beyond the simple, “I’m drunk and I want you back” type text  to your ex and digs to the root of the problem most niggas don’t like to talk about insecurity. So therefore, I’ve conjured up some “Drake Phase Text Messages” that’ll get you your ex back in no time. Peep game.

The Most Powerful Types Of “Drake Phase Text Messages” To Send To Your Ex:

1.  The “5AM In Her Inbox” Text Message: This type of text is essentially designed, so that you communicate positively with your ex and to give her an idea that you want her back. It makes your ex feel that you still possess good feelings for them. However, the texts do not make you look desperate or needy for your ex, it gives you that impression that you cared enough to send her that 5AM text before her new nigga did.

2. The Marvin’s Room Text Message: This type of text is quite similar to the effective relationship messages. But, the Marvin’s Room text message focus primarily on intimacy, and not only on positive emotions. It allows your ex to think about the closeness that once existed before she left you for another nigga. At this point, that bottle of Hennessey you been drinking out of sadness has been filling the void since she left you. In addition, it makes her feel that they want to get back to you all over again.

3. Drake Lyrics Text Messages: There are certain Drake lyrics you can text your ex that will have her sneaking to the bathroom while her new man is sleep just to hit you back. Texting her Drake lyrics come in handy during clutch and desperate situations. Sending that “I bet if I give all my love then nothing’s gonna tear us apart” text late hours of the night is like being down by so many points & you’re just shooting & hitting 3’s with 10 seconds left on the clock. Prosper.

4. “The Real Her” Text Message: There may be instances when you find it hard to keep your feelings to yourself and might express all your feelings to your ex. During such situations, emotional honesty texts messages will help create a bonding filled with emotions when you reveal the truth to your ex and once you tie that durag on tight, sit her down and give her the real you, she’ll lose composer and give you the back ‘The Real Her” after she’s realized you’re a changed man.

In conclusion, utilize “The Drake Phase” to get back your ex. You have nothing to lose my nigga.  Drake shoots 100% from the field when it comes to simp tracks so there shouldn’t be an excuse to why you can’t get your girl back. If the Drake Phase didn’t work out for you, you have one tactic left that may get your ex back, it’s equivalent to a Mortal Kombat fatality but in a romantic way and I call this special move “The Drake.”

“The Drake” = If your ex won’t let you hit, you gotta cry while taking your clothes off. She’ll never deny you my nigga

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The moment, your girl puts on that Sun Dress when it’s more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, she’s single. Fellas, even though you and your girl’s relationship have lasted for 2+ years, it still isn’t a good enough foundation for it to last the duration of the summer. It’ll eventually deteriorate and I’ll give you my skewed factoids upon why in the following paragraphs. Stay woke my niggas.

When the weather warmth increases, so does your girl’s hoe tendencies. The median number of sex partners for chicks with boyfriends during the summer is 3. The average is 8.6. This means that there is a group of niggas not knowing there girl is cheating… discretely and these chicks are shifting the average higher for ALL women (Translation: Every chick cheats and becomes a hoe when it’s summer time, even if she has a boyfriend). By these numbers, it is fair to decode that a chick who has had more than the median number of partners is a candidate for hoe designation my niggas, and the higher her number of niggas she’ll sleep with this summer, the more of a hoe she is.

Another reason why your relationship won’t last this summer is because before you and your girl started dating, you didn’t gauge her character. Did you even check her “Hoe History”? Did you even do your research before y’all started dating? Meanwhile you’re skeptical on why she is eye-fucking every nigga in her peripheral when y’all are out and about. Now, I’ma explain why your relationship won’t last due to the amount of sexual partners your girl has had before you came in the picture. If she has more bodies than Rambo, your relationship will be expired by July.

The longevity of your relationship during the summer depends on your girl’s body count before she met you:

0 Sexual Partners: This could be good or bad but you’re confident you’ll break her in. Her being a virgin could give her an outlet to experience else where if you’re treating her like shit the whole summer.

3 Sexual Partners: Typical chick. Wife and mother of your children material BUT she’s definitely experienced. That thing she does with her tongue to you in bed, another nigga taught her that. Now that it’s summer time, remember that her body count will increase to 8.6 like I said in the 2nd paragraph.

10 Sexual Partners: Above average. You dating a hoe and UEONO it. She’s possibly cheating on you with somebody from the past.

15 Sexual Partners: Well above average. Be dominant or she’ll cheat on you this summer. At this point, she’s on Twitter tweeting song lyrics. Your girl ain’t tweeting “Boyfriend Number 2” lyrics for no reason. She really has one.

25 Sexual Partners: A whole lot. Use her and lose her. If you stick around, you’ll be heart broken while Drake’s “Marvins Room” instrumental playing in your head as you think about composing a “Babe stop doing this to me” text to her while her and the side nigga laughing at your text.

50-100 Sexual Partners: Stopwatch material. You wonder how fast another nigga can get your girl from “Hi” to “Spread your ass cheeks, I’m going in.” Your relationship will deteriorate this summer. She gone bro. At this point, your girl is starting to tweet Rihanna lyrics, you lost her for good.

In conclusion, to sum up everything I decoded between the longevity of your relationship during the summer to your girl’s body count, The more experience you have with chicks before you met your girl, the more you’ll know which women have experience with men.

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Chicks seem to think that men are too thickheaded and inattentive to identify which of them are hoes so I am here to help you decode how a chick is a hoe by what she drinks. Chicks to believe their sly poses of innocence and white lies are good enough to keep niggas in the dark about their sexual histories but their dirty little secret is out my niggas… and after digging through the archives of “Hoedom” and mad observations, I’ve found incriminating evidence by their choices of beverages.


SMFH. If the chick you’re seeking is drinking this shit, run my nigga. Run at warp speed like when Ricky from “Boyz In The Hood” got shot down in the alley b. The more she’ll drink this beverage, the more explicitly she’ll talk about sex before you’ve fucked her, and the likelier she has a storied hoe past.


Chicks that drink Hennessey will never be attractive. A chick that drinks this is a hoe , emotionally scorn, and crazy. Let that liquor tell these hoes the truth for you. Chicks that drink this beverage is gossipy, backstabbing, conniving sort who drips with sarcasm and generally disdains everyone around her, and I can bet you any kind of money that if you date a chick that drinks this shit straight, she’s crazy enough to damage your whole Car like the bonus round in Street Fighter 2. SMH.

Faygo Soda

This drink can be found at every corner store in the Hood… you know what that means right? She’s possibly a hoe, a ratchet one. A chick that has the “G.I.  Joe With The Kung Fu Grip” around this beverage solely means she’s the type who can’t stand to be single and monkey swings like Donkey Kong from one nigga to the next, sometimes with sperm-sharing overlap from every nigga in the hood, odds are high she’s a hoe.


Chicks that drink Moscato are fake fancy and listens to a lot of Keisha Cole’s music… and bitches only listen to Keisha Cole’s music when they’re doing bad. You can see the bitterness in a chick that drinks Moscato through train smoke and it’s absolutely because their pussy is wet but their personality is dry… that’s why niggas hit and leave them while they’re at home cuddling with their knee caps while listening to Keisha Cole.

Any Alcoholic Beverage That Correlates To Sex: Example – “Sex On The Beach”

Chicks that drink sexual beverages show a lot of cleavage all the time like most chicks on Twitter. No worries if she’s accentuating her titties on the first date to entice you, but if she’s got those colliding death stars displayed for every nigga in the world to admire every time you’re out with her, you’ve got a hoe on your hands who is addicted to advertising herself like McDonald’s ad’s my nigga. And there will be buyers, oh yes!

Now that I’ve decoded the Top 5 Hoe Beverages, I suspect that overall a chicks hoe levels are not defined by proxy fashion trends, it’s by what she drinks. 75% of the time niggas can’t gauge a chicks character by what she wears cause hoes and good women dress the same nowadays and with the blue state city chicks fucking around more than ever and the red state religious girls fucking around less. It goes without saying that only the top 20% of men are enjoying the emergent Hoe bounty.

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