“Your Relationship Isn’t Strong Enough To Survive The Summer” by @Bdell1014

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

The moment, your girl puts on that Sun Dress when it’s more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, she’s single. Fellas, even though you and your girl’s relationship have lasted for 2+ years, it still isn’t a good enough foundation for it to last the duration of the summer. It’ll eventually deteriorate and I’ll give you my skewed factoids upon why in the following paragraphs. Stay woke my niggas.

When the weather warmth increases, so does your girl’s hoe tendencies. The median number of sex partners for chicks with boyfriends during the summer is 3. The average is 8.6. This means that there is a group of niggas not knowing there girl is cheating… discretely and these chicks are shifting the average higher for ALL women (Translation: Every chick cheats and becomes a hoe when it’s summer time, even if she has a boyfriend). By these numbers, it is fair to decode that a chick who has had more than the median number of partners is a candidate for hoe designation my niggas, and the higher her number of niggas she’ll sleep with this summer, the more of a hoe she is.

Another reason why your relationship won’t last this summer is because before you and your girl started dating, you didn’t gauge her character. Did you even check her “Hoe History”? Did you even do your research before y’all started dating? Meanwhile you’re skeptical on why she is eye-fucking every nigga in her peripheral when y’all are out and about. Now, I’ma explain why your relationship won’t last due to the amount of sexual partners your girl has had before you came in the picture. If she has more bodies than Rambo, your relationship will be expired by July.

The longevity of your relationship during the summer depends on your girl’s body count before she met you:

0 Sexual Partners: This could be good or bad but you’re confident you’ll break her in. Her being a virgin could give her an outlet to experience else where if you’re treating her like shit the whole summer.

3 Sexual Partners: Typical chick. Wife and mother of your children material BUT she’s definitely experienced. That thing she does with her tongue to you in bed, another nigga taught her that. Now that it’s summer time, remember that her body count will increase to 8.6 like I said in the 2nd paragraph.

10 Sexual Partners: Above average. You dating a hoe and UEONO it. She’s possibly cheating on you with somebody from the past.

15 Sexual Partners: Well above average. Be dominant or she’ll cheat on you this summer. At this point, she’s on Twitter tweeting song lyrics. Your girl ain’t tweeting “Boyfriend Number 2” lyrics for no reason. She really has one.

25 Sexual Partners: A whole lot. Use her and lose her. If you stick around, you’ll be heart broken while Drake’s “Marvins Room” instrumental playing in your head as you think about composing a “Babe stop doing this to me” text to her while her and the side nigga laughing at your text.

50-100 Sexual Partners: Stopwatch material. You wonder how fast another nigga can get your girl from “Hi” to “Spread your ass cheeks, I’m going in.” Your relationship will deteriorate this summer. She gone bro. At this point, your girl is starting to tweet Rihanna lyrics, you lost her for good.

In conclusion, to sum up everything I decoded between the longevity of your relationship during the summer to your girl’s body count, The more experience you have with chicks before you met your girl, the more you’ll know which women have experience with men.

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