“The Real Reason Why Niggas Are Players & Assholes” by @Bdell1014

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

While at work today I was gonna dedicate my article to why niggas prefer White girls, but as I was brainstorming, I decoded everything and broke it down why black men prefer White girls, become players, or assholes…. I’ll elaborate.

Growing up, a black boy is constantly guilt-tripped by his mother as she reminds him often of how much she had to sacrifice for him, how tired she is from working so hard and could use more of his help. Ask most professional ball players and rappers what the number one motivating factor was for making it big, and he’ll tell you: They did it for their mothers. Rarely if ever is the black father listed as a key motivational factor.

We even have creative terms we use for men who have placed their moms on pedestals. A lot of you ladies can attest to this one: how many times have you dated a nigga who turned out to be a momma’s boy? The term indicates a man who holds his mother in such high regard that it affects his relationships with other women in a negative way… So whoever said that black men don’t value black women is telling a got damn blatant lie.

Now contrast this with the way most black females are raised when it comes to having respect for black men. Most black chicks are raised in single parent homes, by a single mother. From her earliest years, she’s taught that men, particularly black men, are not to be relied on and trusted. She either learns this from observation based on the niggas who come in and out of her mother’s life, or she hears it directly from her mom, aunts and mom’s friends. Black women tell their daughters things like:

“Niggas ain’t shit.”
“Never rely on a man, be independent.” (If you so independent, then eat your own pussy then)
“Always have your own.”
“All men cheat.”
“All men are dogs.”
“Your father wasn’t shit.”
“You have to use what you got to get what you want.” (If your mother told you this, she was a hoe and you’re on your way to be one.)

If mom was particularly bitter towards dad after their breakup, its not uncommon for her to transfer this anger into her kids by the negative things she says about him in their presence…. Matter of fact add to this the constant barrage of negative images coming from the media that depict black men in a jacked up light: Everything from the nightly news that make it a point to primarily focus on crimes committed by black men, to movies such as Waiting to Exhale, What’s Love Got to Do With It, and every black woman’s all time favorite, The Color Purple. Fuck you Oprah. Fuck you!

By the time an American black woman has reached the age of 18, she’s been thoroughly indoctrinated into a belief that all niggas are untrustworthy, sneaky, conniving, and generally human beings of bad character.

Now here’s where my observation gets interesting. As black males begin to move into their dating age, we automatically transfer the love, admiration and respect we were taught for their mothers onto the chicks we date. But it doesn’t take long to figure out: a lot of young black chicks don’t respect the niggas who treat them right. They tend to go after the guys who treat them wrong! Wonderful logic you have there.

It only takes a few heartbreaks for a nigga to realize: ‘These hoes don’t want a nigga to be nice to them. They want a thug. Or a drug-dealer. Or a asshole. Because those seem to be the only guys these ladies actually respect.’

This is where niggas begin to reason: ‘Why should I treat hoes nice, when all I get out of it is ‘Lets just be friends’ AKA “Getting curved”? But then they come crying to me about some asshole who only makes them cry?!… Meanwhile, yall chicks wonder why niggas prefer White girls… And with that revelation, don’t complain about black men being with white women when all you show is shear disrespect.

Black men become Players and assholes because they realize that most Black chicks don’t want what they say they want, they tend to want the complete opposite. So they become that opposite. And that’s where your players come from.

Ladies: you are to blame for this phenomenon. Players are created by YOU!

If you ever ditched a good man for one you knew was bad for you, YOU CREATED A PLAYER.

If you ever cheated on your boyfriend with another nigga, YOU CREATED A PLAYER.

If you ever turned down a date with the nigga in college who was into his books, and said yes to a date with a nigga who was known to be a thug or a drug dealer, YOU CREATED A PLAYER.

See ladies, you have to own up to your mess. This isn’t bashing. This is real shit. Only immature chicks and deflectors won’t be able to handle this truth. We always hear about how guys are Players and assholes, but no one likes to talk about how men become one. So remember this the next time you and your girlfriends are sitting around talking shit about men… Players are not born, players are created. And chances are the last player who broke your heart was more than likely created by a female just like YOU.

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  1. Solace says:


  2. Rawle says:

    real shit my nigga #salute

  3. reniibug says:

    this is childish .. real men and woman are not defined by how others treat them, only weak people allow this. the truth is most people in life are going to dog you out and treat you bad at some point, that is not something you can control. however, it is up to you how you let those people and those situation affect you as a person. there is nothing respectable or honorable about being an ass hole or a player so if a man choses to use a past relationship as an excuse to be less then he knows he can then he is just too lazy or scared to put in the effort. hes a coward in my eyes and he’ll deserve the bitch or ho he ends up with.

    • truth says:

      Real ^^^^^^

    • DaWifeSaysNo says:

      real shit ^

    • Shawna says:

      I disagree that doesn’t make you weak if anything your stronger being that humans are creatures of habit. You stronger because you were able to change who you are to fit the way people have treated you. An example is if you have a Bestfriend who is with a guy who never makes her happy she always crying he out cheating and even abusing her, she stops being a victim and leave and now knows that she has to change some things so doesn’t end up in that situation again you would call her string right? But you just said that a person changing their ways because of how they were treated is weak. Your a hypocrite then. Now take the opposite she never leaves and stays in the fucked up situation you would call her weak. Hmmmmm. Isn’t that funny. So in conclusion a person changing their ways whether it’s from something positive to negative or negative to positive is actually pretty strong thing to do not weak.

  4. Somebody finally preached

  5. Dana says:

    I disagree. Black men are assholes because they know most of them don’t have what it takes to be a real adult. They are disappointed because of the choices they made. The feel that they should be reassured by a female and they are doing a female a favor by being with her. My boyfriend is white but once in awhile I’m reminded why I went the white way. Not only is it very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with them it is just as hard doing business with them. I’m straight on black men and it looks like as a lot of females young,old,black,and white are too. Their ugly and mean. GROSS!

  6. Angie says:

    Cry me a fuckin river! What a load of ‘victimized’ shit!

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