“What The Trayvon/Zimmerman Case REALLY Was About” by @Bdell1014

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Trayvon_Martin_cartoon_1200pixelsI wasn’t going to blog about this topic because it’s a touchy subject but I am now so fuck it. Every since Zimmerman was found not guilty, I haven’t seen one tweet about the supportance of Trayvon. Ya’ll was just fake mad for retweets… and for those who are still caught up in the frenzy of the Zimmerman trial, still angry as hell over how he was able to get off: you’re missing the point. This case was never about a stupid little man who killed an unarmed teenager. There were much bigger issues at play.

Side Note: Do some research before you come on Twitter throwing opinions around.

Political careers and billions of corporate dollars were at stake. Like the bigger issue of nationwide gun control. And the issue of the criminalization of black males, which leads to the issue of tougher laws only aimed at black people; and ultimately to mass incarceration of black folks. The jig is up damnit… this is what Kanye was basically talking about in his hit single “New Slaves” that dropped. “See they’ll confuse us with some bullshit like the New World Order, Meanwhile the DEA, Teamed up with the CCA, They tryna lock niggas up, They tryna make new slaves, See that’s that private owned prison Get your piece today.”- Kanye

Which leads into the bigger issue of the prison industry, which is a billion dollar business in America. Did you know that prisons are now openly traded on the NY Stock Exchange? Look up Corrections Corp of America. And they’re just one out of many such companies that manage state, federal and local prisons for profit. It’s no accident that black folks make up 13% of the US population and over 70% of the prison population. That’s by design!

Now put on your thinking glasses for a minute my niggas: the only way a company can insure its investors of a return on their investment, it has to have a system in place to guarantee its revenues. So how can prisons guarantee to keep themselves full of prisoners in order to make a profit for its investors, unless they have a system already in place that will ensure their prisons stay full? Hmmmmm. Think about that…

This is where you get your mandatory sentencing from, the get tough on crime political rhetoric; the sudden decline of black schools (especially in Chicago) and the sudden increase of prisons being built. This is where you also get the daily parading of black faces as criminals nightly on the evening news, when statistically blacks do drugs and kill blacks at the same rate that whites do drugs and kill other whites. But you only see the stories about the black criminals, leaving you with the false impression that black males are inherently prone to more violence and crime than others. Which leads right back to Trayvon and Zimmerman.

This wasn’t about Zimmerman who killed an unarmed black kid. It was about protecting the investments of people who make a lot of money from keeping black men in the criminal system. It was about ensuring that system remains in place without interruption. Because it generates a ton of money for a lot of people.

That’s why now you see folks like Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives vilifying Trayvon as some sort of thug. When anyone who knows anything about a thug can clearly see this kid was NOT it.

Black folks are still playing checkers, when the real game has always been CHESS. We’ve just been checked… Stay woke my niggas.

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  1. MrMotown says:

    Lets not get it twisted my nigga… Trayvon wasnt no saint. He had skittles and fruit juice (not iced tea) because he was going home to make purple drank. He stole shit. Got suspended from school. It wasnt like he was the valedictorian or anything. He was your basic nigga. That dont mean you can say hes suspicious because hes black, I aint sayin that. For me, this case tells me that people aint gonna give blacks shit and that I have to break the mold in order to gain respect in this world. White people aint gonna do it themselves so this case motivates me to show America that not all blacks are niggas.

  2. Lay says:

    finally. im just mad i never seen this before

  3. Pierre-Luc says:

    He was a good boy is proved so i will not let some ass hole insulting him they are not welcome here

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