“Whoredrobes” by @Bdell1014

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

My niggas, the temperature outside is going down on all of us, and soon the hoes will too. School has started back up, and your surplus of summer hoes have left you, and you have to start a new. Don’t worry, the start of a semester is the perfect time to find a whore & I’m here to help you find one by the proxy fashion trends chicks follow nowadays. With this new knowledge, you’ll be able decipher on what makes a chick a hoe by her choice of garments.

                                                                                    Cross Leggings

cross leggingsAny chick that wears crucifixes on their leggings is a hoe. Crosses all over your leggings but your pussy is full of sin. Smh. Moses didn’t part the Red Sea for this shit.

                                                                                       Beanie Hats

Basic hoes ruined beanie hats. Chicks who wear these have the dark secrets my niggas. It is common knowledge that women are easier to come by as the weather gets colder so they throw on a damn beanie hat. October to November are statistically the easiest months to pull hoes, after all, isn’t stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey just a metaphor for sex? Of course so any chick with this embedded onto her scalp like Magneto’s helmet on X-Men is a hoe.

                                                                               Gladiator Sandals

Any chick you see wearing those infamous “Gladiator Sandals,” it is your right as a American citizen to chick this bitch into a pit like Leonidas did the Persians at thermopylae in 480 b.c on the movie “300”

                                                                                      UGG Boots

Most hoes wear these around Christmas time, but don’t be fooled. These boots essentially tells you that she’s naughty, NOT nice so get in the holiday spirit, you’ll come away with at least one whornament to hang on your tree and a chick who rocks these will give you a few suggestions for the hoe-liday season in the bedroom.

                                                                                 Basketball Shorts

The more basketball shorts she owns that isn’t her’s, the more niggas she fucked. She a hoe. Before I stop typing I’ma drop this gem and my niggas, wear it as a Jesus Piece. If you find a pair of basketball shorts that isn’t yours in your girl dresser, she better be able to hit a step-back jumper off the dribble cause if not, she cheating.

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