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So I hear it all the time, “All men are dogs!”, “Niggas aint shit!”, “If your happy at home then why would you go elsewhere?”. These are all questions and statements I’m sure all of us fellas have heard a woman ask and these are all questions and statements that all you women have asked a man before. The real question isn’t why would we look elsewhere or why niggas aint shit, but the question women really want to know is, can men be faithful? Before we go into this explanation, the first thing women have to understand is, us men are totally different creatures. We work on totally different brainwaves and we have different motives and agenda’s behind our actions than women. The one mistake women ALWAYS make is, they tend to always think about what they do is what we should do. WRONG! You show me a man who do what you do and I’ll show you a stalker ass, where you going, who is this nigga liking your Instagram pictures ass nigga. See that would mean he’s too fucking emotional so his insecurity levels is at unstable heights and motives are totally different. The average man, ( its always exceptions ) has these thought patterns that gives us certain addictions. Cars, Clothes, video games and new pussy! If you notice that’s 4 different things, so in essence we have a pie graph mentality. 25% cars because of our ego, 25% is clothes to look good when we hop out of car too further boost the ego, 25% video games to walk in the house after hopping out of the car and beat our homies in 2K and further boost our ego, and the last 25% is too go meet the new pussy in the car, with the new clothes and the money we won from the video game to impress the new pussy. For you all who too slow to keep up, men live for NEW PUSSY! We love NEW pussy! Two of the four things is just to eventually get to the new pussy!

All the New Pussy in the world cannot & will not compare to the feeling of making love to the person who would literally die for you. In relationships, the man typically is with the girl because she did some nice things outside of the pussy. Cause see New Pussy is just like buying a new NBA 2K14 video game for your XBOX. When you get the new pussy it looks hot and you cant wait to unwrap the new pussy and put it in your system. It’s the new FRESH thing. Yep, new pussy is always clean with no scratches and trimmed up. See women know when they giving up the new pussy and the new pussy has to make a good 1st impression. New pussy is like LeBron he made the big decision. Keeps the man in the dark, knowing that this pussy is thinking over exactly where it wants to be for the next fucking season and we just hope new pussy picks our franchise penis to play for. So once niggas hear “ Im taking my talents to Jerome house” from a chick. Dick is excited. Dick knows new pussy is coming with her A game. So the man has to do a shoot around…. Oh that’s beating off to you who cant follow the analogy. LOL. See men know we have to also bring our A game to once again see new pussy in a playoff series. So you play a couple games with the new pussy and the new pussy is tough! Backs you down good, put the clamps on you on the defensive end, cross over with the ball handling drills and totally take you out of your game plan. New pussy is a BEAST but being the competitive egotistical man you are, you go back to the drawing board to write up a new game plan for the new pussy and you end up forcing a game 7 with the pussy. Now game 7 is always the tough game, a lot of back and forward action. A fast paced and action packed game with a lot of tension. Clutch moments will decide the outcome of this game. BUT, game 7 also is the last game vs New Pussy. So after this game with new pussy, new pussy becomes Old Rival Pussy.

Can man be faithful? NO! From the most successful NBA player, Kobe to the shittiest low-life nigga, we will alllll cheat. It’s in a human nature to cheat in life in my opinion. You have been cheating as long as you have been living rather or not you realize it or not. You cheated on school test, you cheated on Christmas when you would rip the edge of the paper off the gift to see what color the box was, you cheated when somebody say you can have a bite of their sandwich and you take the biggest bite you can, and you even cheated on your diet. Depending on our new pussy options, if the new pussy option is better than the current rival pussy, we might go and cheat. See most rivalries hit a moment where one team is just dominating the other and it’s just not even a interesting rivalry anymore. New pussy comes with a good record every time and that man wants to put up a career night against new pussy every time. So ladies, no matter how good your pussy is, NEW PUSSY is always be a threat! You can’t compete against new pussy with rival pussy. No matter how good you put it on a nigga, you can’t compete with the forbidden kingdom known as New Pussy. You have to compete against new pussy with the one thing New pussy can’t bring to the table. Your brains!… BOTH OF THEM! See if you keep a nigga in a good mental place, the new pussy option won’t seem to be better than your pussy. To further the mental stimulation, you suck that nigga into a fucking coma. See if you allow new pussy to suck your man retarded, you end up giving new pussy a deadly weapon in this battle. The best man can run from pussy, but he will most def pull tear his ACL trying to run from a good brand new blowjob if he isn’t getting plugged at home.

In closing, pussy in itself will never stop a man from cheating. Pussy will never keep a man from lusting after new pussy and truth be told, you cant keep him from getting new pussy. What you can do however, is diminish the new pussy cravings by using your assets to your advantage.

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