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ImageThis blog entry is going to break the barriers that constrict the social boundaries of why dumb hoes settle for lames, bums, and ain’t shit niggas. Beautiful, smart, ambitious women settle for mediocre men because compared to the others he’s a step up. Too many women know how they want to feel, but settle for anything just so that they can feel something. All emotion, and no logic. Based off my skewed opinions and observations, I’ve come to a realization on why the vast majority of women in this generation will choose a nigga with no priorities over a guy that does and I’ll decode that in the following paragraphs.

Bum niggas stay winning because too many women are content with mediocrity. Dumb bitches will turn a bum into a saint by accepting the lie that she’s suddenly special and he’s going to get his shit together. Denial is a hell of a drug. Insecure ass women cant accept any guy being more successful than they are and anger is the shield that keeps them guarded from the truth. So, my niggas who have their head on straight, that chick you was seeking didn’t stop talking to or curve you because she’s not attracted to you. She’s intimidated to the point your value is blind to her, and she feels inferior. Which is why dumb hoes will choose the guy on the left side of the picture and not the guy on the right above this paragraph. The whole ideology on why chicks choose these type of guys because they’re intimidated. That’s why women in this era are so mentally weak; bitches shouldn’t be intimidated by a successful, smart, and goal oriented guy, it should challenge you and more importantly, it captivates you. For example, chicks are so ass backwards. A nigga go to Prison “Ima hold it down.” A nigga go to College “Nah I cant do that long distance relationship.” Bitch, WHAT!? And chicks are persistently attracted to these guys because they’re afraid they won’t be in control. Bitches can control a drug dealing, unemployed, bum ass nigga because she’s a necessity to him but not a man who has potential, goals, and he doesn’t need you cause its millions women on Earth just like you. Once women understand and appreciate who they are, they cannot be intimidated by the truth.

On paper, chicks want a man who has his shit together but they ALWAYS end up with the nigga who looks nothing like her “Man Candy Monday #MCM” on Instagram. Bitch, your view of reality is skewed. And ladies, just so you know, if you keep curving and Friend Zoning the guys who have their shit together, you’re creating a unhumble nation of assholes. For instance, chicks get pregnant by bum niggas and then their value starts depreciating and begin seeking men with priorities that they always Friend Zoned… Guess what? Guys with their shit together don’t want you anymore cause you have kids by multiple men who are bums. You’re not an asset, you’re a liability, and successful niggas don’t want to be held accountable for your baggage and bullshit.

Women will value a trustworthy, reliable idiot over a whimsical, indecisive genius any day of the week because they’re a bad judge of character. A lot of women choose bums and ain’t shit niggas because they don’t have the ability to gauge a man’s character nor did her father teach her how because he’s just like the men she’s attracted to. Simple bitches are appeased by material possessions and the bum niggas they’re attracted to have so much swag that it camouflages their “Ain’t Shitness” to the point chicks are too blind to see it. I will never understand the mindset of these females who shack up (nigga living with her for free) and get pregnant by these bum niggas. Stop giving away Promo Codes to bum niggas to get in your pussy because you’re lonely. Any woman who knows her value doesn’t need to undersell herself. Every woman has value. From the whores to the princesses to the Queen, none sold themselves short of what they were worth by settling for peasants because they’re not intimidated by a King.

Ladies, you have to stop passing down your fears, phobias, insecurities, and oversimplifications to men who have their shit together. It’s a turn off. Stop shunning that guy who has his shit together just because he doesn’t have swag, at least he has a future. Stop trying to impose your own insecurities on to a man’s intentions. Stop being fascinated by mediocrity. AND most importantly, stop making excuses for your love for bum niggas, and stop using love as an excuse.

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Social networks are no place for the facially challenged unless you have very large breast. Thirsty niggas can’t beat off to your personality. Your appearance can only get you so far because good looks is a depreciating asset and getting ass shots and a boob job won’t guarantee a call or text from him the next morning. Try injecting some self-esteem into your dry ass personality. When you have a dope personality and aren’t afraid to show it, it doesn’t matter where you go, you will attract a good man who’s intentions isn’t to fuck you the first night. The vast majority of pretty chicks think being pretty is enough. Looks get you in the door. Personality and knowledge keeps you inside. Niggas will not wife you in the first 30 seconds, it’s only physical at that point, your personality determines what happens afterwards. The first impression is the best one and most important.

A dope personality is the sexiest attribute a person can have because it’ll keep people around long enough to discover other attributes. For instance, you attract lame and bum niggas because you’re a judge of bad character and you have personality fluctuations. If your first impression of meeting a guy displays your hoeness & physical appearance, and not your persona, his only intentions is sex and nothing more. Being a bad bitch is a pre-requisite but only goes so far. If your personality is wack, niggas will only want to fuck you, not wife you. Niggas are going  to approach you how you present yourself. It’s like a marketing scheme… What’s the point of wearing skirts or shorts that are too small for you? You chose to dress like a hoe so embrace it; don’t expect niggas to approach you like a lady. That’s false advertising bitch.

A confident woman knows that giving a man a shot of her personality is more powerful than a shot of her pussy. Personality will take you a long way. Same way lack thereof might not let you make it. If you’re willing to flaunt your outside traits and not you’re persona, you’re in for a long a haul loneliness. Your pussy is wet but your personality is dry and that’s solely why niggas hit and leave you. I must admit, most guys want sex before we agree to a relationship and go any further and some women want niggas to wait to see if we deserve sex. Someone has to compromise. Ladies, key is to display your bomb personality first and then give him some pussy but don’t give it to him too fast nor make him wait too long. It’ll change his intentions of hitting and quitting because whatever attracted him to you is the same thing he doesn’t want you showing other niggas.

Personality can intrigue the mind more then physical appearance can. Yes most us niggas want sex but you have to bring more to the table than a wet pussy and a dry purse. So ladies please don’t sell your SOUL by exposing your outside traits. Great culinary skills, a dope personality, spontaneous fellatio will last longer than being a “bad bitch.”

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We’re in the brink of the Holidays A.K.A. “Lonely Bitch Season” where women necessitate relationships to compensate for loneliness. For instance, if all of your “Man Candy Monday” pics of your celebrity crushes on Instagram don’t look ANYTHING like the guy you’re dating out of desperation, you’re not really attracted to him like that, you just settled because the guy you really want isn’t showing you adequate attention. This is the time of year where women force relationships just to say they have somebody. Everyone wants someone, but a relationship should not define your life. And certain women will try and make the most desperate and fucked up relationship work during the holidays because she hates being lonely more than she loves her self. Bitch, you’re not in love, you’re lonely.

Being lonely convinces us to see things in people, including ourselves, that are not really there. A chick will see that one of homegirl’s is in a happy relationship and she’ll practically entertain or date the first guy that shows her attention just to fill in that void of loneliness. That superficial shit is going to leave you lonely eventually because everybody knows forced and compelled relationships end up deteriorating once it starts getting hot outside. Women have to understand that being lonely will make them see things in bum niggas and possibilities that don’t even exist. There are actually beautiful people out there who need the same things you do. Who are just as lonely and ready to be vulnerable as you. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

There are a lot of unfulfilled, potential-wasted, dumb bitches with goals and a purse full of money willing to throw it all away and settling with niggas they’re not really attracted to JUST because they don’t want to be alone during the holidays. The guy you’re falling in fake love with doesn’t have any real goals, no job, no nothing. What if you get pregnant by this bum nigga? All because you didn’t want to be lonely during the Holidays? SMH. You have to always put your heart in the right hands. Sometimes that means being more patient than you are tired of being lonely.

In conclusion, the vast majority of relationships that begin during the Fall/Winter are bound to fail because women’s emotions are seasonal, not logical. A chick will say the temperature of November and December is hot if cold weather hurts her feelings. And If you’re lonely during the Holidays this year, you’ll have plenty of time to rethink your decisions that got you there in the first place.

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In this installment, I’m going to talk about the sanctity of marriage and why it’s basically shitball in this day and age. Nowadays people only entertain the thought of marriage because they know their mate knows that’s what they want to hear. If marriage means so much, then why are you allowed to do it more than once? If marriage means so much, then why do people get drunk & marry a stranger in Las Vegas? Marriage has become the caveat of a practical joke and financial burden in this country. I thought the premise of marriage was unconditional love? Marrying any nigga for financial stability and his money is nothing but a form of prostitution. You sweetheart are the truest form of a whore.

“Till death do us part or you lose your job & I can’t hold you down.” – Marriage in America From A Hoes Point Of View

Being married won’t make you whole, but being whole will make you see the value in marriage and eventually help you become marriage-worthy (if you’re wanting to be married). Marriage in my opinion will no longer be an option in the next 15 years because a lot of us are going die single with all these unrealistic expectations and fairytale preferences and I’ve accepted that. Niggas preferences are way too high & most bitches are hoes. Nobody compromising. Another thing, if television perpetuates this image of marriage as being a joke then what makes you think the women who watch those “Basketball Wives” reality shows on VH1 aren’t going to insinuate that lifestyle. The show is called “Basketball Wives” and none of them bitches our women idolize are not married. Wonderful logic you have there. This whole ideology of marriage is a mindset and behavior it’s not what society paints it to be.

Me being a young black man without any kids has lessen the likelihood of me settling down and getting married. Too many women have kid(s) and I’m not marrying a woman who is a proud member of “Baby Mamaship.” Marrying a woman with kids is like continuing on another niggas saved game on PlayStation 4, so just image how many young guys think and have the same preferences as I do and don’t want to be complacent with mediocrity. Many of us was taught to put a ring on her finger before you put a baby inside her. Love, marriage, THEN come with the baby in the baby carriage but a small percentage took heed to that advice… Too many baby mama’s, not enough wives, too many baby daddy’s, not enough husbands. That’s why I think marriage is pretty much obsolete for me.

In conclusion, I hope something I’ve said in this blog has convinced you to see the terrible value in marriage, especially as it relates to our people. The one piece of marriage advice that I will explicitly give to you is that holding on too tight guarantees that it will slip away. In this era love does not sustain a marriage cause the vast majority of married couples can’t say “Happy Anniversary”… It’s extinct like Dinosaurs.

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