“You’re Not In Love, You’re Lonely” by @Bdell1014

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

We’re in the brink of the Holidays A.K.A. “Lonely Bitch Season” where women necessitate relationships to compensate for loneliness. For instance, if all of your “Man Candy Monday” pics of your celebrity crushes on Instagram don’t look ANYTHING like the guy you’re dating out of desperation, you’re not really attracted to him like that, you just settled because the guy you really want isn’t showing you adequate attention. This is the time of year where women force relationships just to say they have somebody. Everyone wants someone, but a relationship should not define your life. And certain women will try and make the most desperate and fucked up relationship work during the holidays because she hates being lonely more than she loves her self. Bitch, you’re not in love, you’re lonely.

Being lonely convinces us to see things in people, including ourselves, that are not really there. A chick will see that one of homegirl’s is in a happy relationship and she’ll practically entertain or date the first guy that shows her attention just to fill in that void of loneliness. That superficial shit is going to leave you lonely eventually because everybody knows forced and compelled relationships end up deteriorating once it starts getting hot outside. Women have to understand that being lonely will make them see things in bum niggas and possibilities that don’t even exist. There are actually beautiful people out there who need the same things you do. Who are just as lonely and ready to be vulnerable as you. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

There are a lot of unfulfilled, potential-wasted, dumb bitches with goals and a purse full of money willing to throw it all away and settling with niggas they’re not really attracted to JUST because they don’t want to be alone during the holidays. The guy you’re falling in fake love with doesn’t have any real goals, no job, no nothing. What if you get pregnant by this bum nigga? All because you didn’t want to be lonely during the Holidays? SMH. You have to always put your heart in the right hands. Sometimes that means being more patient than you are tired of being lonely.

In conclusion, the vast majority of relationships that begin during the Fall/Winter are bound to fail because women’s emotions are seasonal, not logical. A chick will say the temperature of November and December is hot if cold weather hurts her feelings. And If you’re lonely during the Holidays this year, you’ll have plenty of time to rethink your decisions that got you there in the first place.

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