“Good Looks Make You Fuckable, A Dope Personality Makes You A Keeper” by @Bdell1014

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Social networks are no place for the facially challenged unless you have very large breast. Thirsty niggas can’t beat off to your personality. Your appearance can only get you so far because good looks is a depreciating asset and getting ass shots and a boob job won’t guarantee a call or text from him the next morning. Try injecting some self-esteem into your dry ass personality. When you have a dope personality and aren’t afraid to show it, it doesn’t matter where you go, you will attract a good man who’s intentions isn’t to fuck you the first night. The vast majority of pretty chicks think being pretty is enough. Looks get you in the door. Personality and knowledge keeps you inside. Niggas will not wife you in the first 30 seconds, it’s only physical at that point, your personality determines what happens afterwards. The first impression is the best one and most important.

A dope personality is the sexiest attribute a person can have because it’ll keep people around long enough to discover other attributes. For instance, you attract lame and bum niggas because you’re a judge of bad character and you have personality fluctuations. If your first impression of meeting a guy displays your hoeness & physical appearance, and not your persona, his only intentions is sex and nothing more. Being a bad bitch is a pre-requisite but only goes so far. If your personality is wack, niggas will only want to fuck you, not wife you. Niggas are going  to approach you how you present yourself. It’s like a marketing scheme… What’s the point of wearing skirts or shorts that are too small for you? You chose to dress like a hoe so embrace it; don’t expect niggas to approach you like a lady. That’s false advertising bitch.

A confident woman knows that giving a man a shot of her personality is more powerful than a shot of her pussy. Personality will take you a long way. Same way lack thereof might not let you make it. If you’re willing to flaunt your outside traits and not you’re persona, you’re in for a long a haul loneliness. Your pussy is wet but your personality is dry and that’s solely why niggas hit and leave you. I must admit, most guys want sex before we agree to a relationship and go any further and some women want niggas to wait to see if we deserve sex. Someone has to compromise. Ladies, key is to display your bomb personality first and then give him some pussy but don’t give it to him too fast nor make him wait too long. It’ll change his intentions of hitting and quitting because whatever attracted him to you is the same thing he doesn’t want you showing other niggas.

Personality can intrigue the mind more then physical appearance can. Yes most us niggas want sex but you have to bring more to the table than a wet pussy and a dry purse. So ladies please don’t sell your SOUL by exposing your outside traits. Great culinary skills, a dope personality, spontaneous fellatio will last longer than being a “bad bitch.”

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