“Why Women Are Attracted To Bum Niggas” by @Bdell1014

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

ImageThis blog entry is going to break the barriers that constrict the social boundaries of why dumb hoes settle for lames, bums, and ain’t shit niggas. Beautiful, smart, ambitious women settle for mediocre men because compared to the others he’s a step up. Too many women know how they want to feel, but settle for anything just so that they can feel something. All emotion, and no logic. Based off my skewed opinions and observations, I’ve come to a realization on why the vast majority of women in this generation will choose a nigga with no priorities over a guy that does and I’ll decode that in the following paragraphs.

Bum niggas stay winning because too many women are content with mediocrity. Dumb bitches will turn a bum into a saint by accepting the lie that she’s suddenly special and he’s going to get his shit together. Denial is a hell of a drug. Insecure ass women cant accept any guy being more successful than they are and anger is the shield that keeps them guarded from the truth. So, my niggas who have their head on straight, that chick you was seeking didn’t stop talking to or curve you because she’s not attracted to you. She’s intimidated to the point your value is blind to her, and she feels inferior. Which is why dumb hoes will choose the guy on the left side of the picture and not the guy on the right above this paragraph. The whole ideology on why chicks choose these type of guys because they’re intimidated. That’s why women in this era are so mentally weak; bitches shouldn’t be intimidated by a successful, smart, and goal oriented guy, it should challenge you and more importantly, it captivates you. For example, chicks are so ass backwards. A nigga go to Prison “Ima hold it down.” A nigga go to College “Nah I cant do that long distance relationship.” Bitch, WHAT!? And chicks are persistently attracted to these guys because they’re afraid they won’t be in control. Bitches can control a drug dealing, unemployed, bum ass nigga because she’s a necessity to him but not a man who has potential, goals, and he doesn’t need you cause its millions women on Earth just like you. Once women understand and appreciate who they are, they cannot be intimidated by the truth.

On paper, chicks want a man who has his shit together but they ALWAYS end up with the nigga who looks nothing like her “Man Candy Monday #MCM” on Instagram. Bitch, your view of reality is skewed. And ladies, just so you know, if you keep curving and Friend Zoning the guys who have their shit together, you’re creating a unhumble nation of assholes. For instance, chicks get pregnant by bum niggas and then their value starts depreciating and begin seeking men with priorities that they always Friend Zoned… Guess what? Guys with their shit together don’t want you anymore cause you have kids by multiple men who are bums. You’re not an asset, you’re a liability, and successful niggas don’t want to be held accountable for your baggage and bullshit.

Women will value a trustworthy, reliable idiot over a whimsical, indecisive genius any day of the week because they’re a bad judge of character. A lot of women choose bums and ain’t shit niggas because they don’t have the ability to gauge a man’s character nor did her father teach her how because he’s just like the men she’s attracted to. Simple bitches are appeased by material possessions and the bum niggas they’re attracted to have so much swag that it camouflages their “Ain’t Shitness” to the point chicks are too blind to see it. I will never understand the mindset of these females who shack up (nigga living with her for free) and get pregnant by these bum niggas. Stop giving away Promo Codes to bum niggas to get in your pussy because you’re lonely. Any woman who knows her value doesn’t need to undersell herself. Every woman has value. From the whores to the princesses to the Queen, none sold themselves short of what they were worth by settling for peasants because they’re not intimidated by a King.

Ladies, you have to stop passing down your fears, phobias, insecurities, and oversimplifications to men who have their shit together. It’s a turn off. Stop shunning that guy who has his shit together just because he doesn’t have swag, at least he has a future. Stop trying to impose your own insecurities on to a man’s intentions. Stop being fascinated by mediocrity. AND most importantly, stop making excuses for your love for bum niggas, and stop using love as an excuse.

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  1. bjohnson says:

    I agree with a lot of your points made….but do you have to call the women bitches and hoes…that right there turned me off from wanting to read the article and taking it seriously.

  2. Mimi says:

    The same goes for guys and quality women. Guys who are educated want a flashy women who spends more time doing their nails rather than reading a book. Men would rather a women who can swing on a shower rod than an educated virgin. So it really more of a generation problem.

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