“Are You Attracting The Wrong Type Of Men?” by @Bdell1014

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Are you attracting the wrong type of men? Well, you’re only going to attract what you want to attract. So your counterpart is only as good/bad as you want/allow them to be. You attract what you subconsciously think you deserve. Therefore, if the vast majority of men you attract ain’t shit, deep down you don’t think too highly of yourself and you have low self-esteem. Until chicks accept the responsibility of growing, all they’re ever going to attract are niggas that they think, foolishly, that they’re better than and settle.

Before you complain about the quality of men you encounter, take inventory of the kind of woman you are. Act low rent = Attract low rent ass niggas. This isn’t rocket science and I’m sure yall know this. A REAL woman should be able to attract men but dope enough to keep them in line and know they stand no chance with her. Just cause loser niggas show you adequate attention, doesn’t mean you have to entertain them because when you meet higher quality men, they’re not going to be easy to win over because they’ve seen it all. You are what you attract. If all you come across is no good men, what kind of environments do you frequent? You attract losers because you’re a loser also with the same loser interests and loser activities.

There are certain things you can do to attract all types of men, ladies. But there are certain things you have to do to attract the RIGHT type of men. If all you attract is hood niggas, stop going to ratchet events. If all you attract is players and man whores, stop partying so damn much. If all you attract is niggas that ONLY want sex, stop hanging out with hoes. Hoes attract boys. Woman attract men. You have to be a Queen in order to attract a King. Overly independent bitches attract broke niggas. You don’t demand anything and he don’t got shit. Match made in heaven. You will not attract anyone of any substance or caliber if you have nothing going for yourself. For instance, why go to the club just to complain about the quality of men in the club? You’re better off staying your ass home with 50 Shades Of Grey and a vibrator. You have to attract niggas in what and how you want them to maintain you. If you meet them fancy, they’ll keep you fancy. Meet them dressed like a hoe, they’ll treat you like a hoe. Law of attraction.

In conclusion, ladies, you can tell the quality of a tree by the fruit it harvests. Some niggas talk a good game, but have no fruit to show. Meaning, when your intuition tells you that you may be attracting a loser nigga, decipher his character. Ask him questions and stop accepting shit “as is,” that’s the formula for complacency. Never become complacent with yourself, your success, and love life because there are billions of people on Earth and cupid aint got that many damn arrows. If you lucky enough to attract your soul mate, fall in love and cherish it.

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