“Can You Deal With Her Past?” by @Bdell1014

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

When it comes to dealing with your girl’s past, you’re on the other side of the glass of her memories museum. Any chick that doesn’t tell you about her past is trying to forget their past and obviously has not learned from it. Ladies, you have to know and share your past to know your destiny! History repeats itself and so does a hoe’s History. The best way to predict your girl’s future is by judging her past… BUT (sometimes) people change. Her past and her future are inescapably tied to this very moment with you. Don’t deny one in an attempt to change her either. Helping each other grow past both of yalls insecurities, that’s what connectedness looks and feels like. Every woman has a past, good or bad but the question is, will niggas let their girl’s past experiences prevent them from embracing a beautiful possibility with her?

Niggas arrogantly in their own imperfectedness, keep holding out for the perfect woman, as we allow potential to walk right by us. If you have feelings for her, just deal with her past if she tells you. You’re only intimidated by your girl’s past because your ego fears another man fucked her better than you ever could. And sometimes that’s no your fault for having those thoughts of her past sexcapades in your subconscious because some chicks past be so scornful and hoeish to the point they run away every nigga that’s interested in them. Ladies, stop being a hoe so somebody can fall in love with you because there are some men who can’t deal with your past to the point they’ll throw it in your face when an argument is ensuing… and my niggas, stop throwing your girl’s sexual past in her face. How can you possibly drive forward if your face stays in the rearview mirror? Only low self-esteem niggas inquire about their woman’s past sexual partners and compares himself to them. If you can’t deal with it, leave her alone. Depending on the girl sometimes you just have to compromise. If the chick I’m interested in has a sketchy past, I chalk it up to me not being in her life. Like Jesus, I saved her.

Ladies, never lie to your man about your past or let him find out himself, it’ll make matters worse and he’ll never trust you. You can try to hide your past ladies but the current lack of elasticity in your pussy will snitch on you every time. Therefore, stop lying and stop keeping those emotions bottled in. An unexpressed emotion is a lie nonetheless. There is no crime in being honest with someone you’re really interested in. It becomes criminal when you lie, just to avoid hurting them. Niggas have to stop getting upset when their girl shows them her Hoe Fax. If she is honest, regardless of whether or not you agree with it, you must respect it or leave. Most of us, though, would prefer the lie. If liking someone was the criterion for whether their truth had value all of us would be living a fucking lie. Some of bitches would rather lie to themselves about who they are rather than come to terms with who they really are…and what they really need. If you use to be a hoe, let niggas know before they catch feelings.

My niggas, you have to trust your girl if she tells you about her past. Your girl got some practice in with other guys before she met you. Don’t inquire about her past just be glad you got her now… And if you don’t want to know her past, don’t ask her things you fear in finding out. Just hope she tells you on her own. When you find that girl that you can truly be vulnerable with, and put her past in the backseat, and trust with your heart, all kinds of new possibilities appear. BUT, don’t get hit with the okey doke my niggas. If you can’t trust what a she says when her pussy is wet, how can you trust what she says when she’s drunk or high? Let that question sink for a moment.

Can’t hold the past against someone in the present. Niggas just have to understand that most women have done a lot of crazy shit during the process of finding themselves. If we expect other people to have the same morals/values as us, we’re setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointment.

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  1. Karla brown says:

    love this article

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